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I want to file for divorce, I want to know the cost July 6 My wife and I as been separated, and I want to file for divorce. Please what...

Hi good day I wanna file for divorce I have one child of 20 years old how is will cost me please

How to divorce a file

Jul 11, 2024

How to divorce a file. I need to go out of the in-laws house. I can't live in this house.

I had a partner previously we planned to get settled down after she came to Malaysia I got a work permit Visa and after I found out that she had...

Hi, I am a member of LGBT and I am married abroad. I know for sure that our marriage certificate is not honored in the Philippines. I would like to...


Jul 5, 2024

Can I get spousal and child support? I have a little baby and he married me as a student

I have three children and their mum took them away to marry another man,changed their name and turned them to Muslim

Is it possible to file an annulment on the grounds of fraud? Since the ex-wife kinda forced me to marry her because she said she would not be able to...

Hello Attorney, Question po meron kami Annulment on going ng husband ko. However, my husband already having an affair and anak to the new girl. They have it baptized and...

Annulment. Both OFW

Jun 25, 2024

Hi, I would like to inquire about the annulment process in the Philippines. Both of us have been OFWs for 10 years. We have no kids and no shared properties....

Child adoptation

Jun 25, 2024

I want to adopt a child from a poor family. But I am worried if they claim to get back their child in the future. What should I do?

My husband has been beating me for any slight provocation for the 9 years we have been married. We have three kids. How can I get him to stop it?

a girl I broke up with came back claiming she was six months pregnant for me, now the family wants me to take care of her till she gives birth,...

Migrating abroad

Jun 13, 2024

How long is the process to get full custody of the child, considering that she's migrating abroad? I need full custody before she travels abroad. The father has not supported...

I am currently undergoing a divorce lawsuit in China with my wife, which has not yet been finalized. My wife and my son are residing in Milan, where they have...

My friend wanted to divorce her husband due to name-calling, shouting, threats whenever there is an argumet. The wife see her husband as nit respectful of her as a housewife.

annulment of marriage

Jun 4, 2024

is the annulment of marriage possible in Islamic law after rukhsati, even if marriage is not consummated? I'm not a lawyer but my information says not allowed

Child custody

Jun 4, 2024

Am not married legally and traditionally to my husband, I gave birth to twins to his mum, and he maltreated me so I left his mum's house so he could...

My husband and I as been separated, and I want to file for divorce. Please what are the things to be provided and the total cost?

annulment of marriage

May 29, 2024

can a marriage be annulled after rukhsati and nikah even if not consummated?