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I need to get a Corporation set up in the Philippines. Myself and my lawyer here in the USA want to start a call center for passing information between Lawyers...

What my need to be relocated here in Davao city I am single man from Germany

Refused letter

Nov 27, 2023

They refused my children that they don't have sufficient evidence

About Gun

Nov 27, 2023

What happens when a gun is thrown to me in a scene

I like to have full custody over my grandchildren because their father died 2 years ago sibling is 7,3 and 2 - the mother is already with a new partner...


Nov 24, 2023

My husband is married to his ex-wife, and his ex-wife is married to his ex-husband. Is the marriage my husband and his ex wife is valid?

German owner.

Nov 22, 2023

I'm a German citizen and got married to a Filipina in Germany, not in the Philippines. We bought a small piece of land in Luzon. Unfortunately, my wife got a...

I won a filed against me in court estafa last April 13, 2023. And I'm planning to file a case against them for incriminating an innocent person plus damages.

Assets and children

Nov 20, 2023

I'm Australian. I'm married to a Filipina. We have just split up after 10 years of marriage. We have two daughters and six lots of land. I'm also buying a...

Can I buy a 2-floor house as a foreigner? Any time limit for ownership? What's the fee and tax when I resell the property as a foreigner?

I remarried in Pakistan and my second wife knows that I was married. My first marriage was a forced marriage and I wasn't happy in that marriage. My first wife...

I was retrenched by my employer of 2 years & 7 months but the company is not in any financial difficulty as mentioned by my manager as he explained to...


Nov 15, 2023

Good day ,ask ko lang kung pila man diay ka buwan or years ang waiting para mag first hearing after mafile sa court ang annulment dinhi sa ormoc?

Someone pawned a rental car and wants to surrender to police. What will happen to the person and what will the process look like?


Nov 13, 2023

Married and I have 1 son but, Separated for 20 years and he has his own family now with 2 children, is it possible to file an annulment? How long...

Do foreigners have to file for a petition of recognition of foreign divorce here in the Philippines when he was divorced to a Filipina?


Nov 13, 2023

PANO po Ang pag process ng annualment, 10 yrs separate

Child support

Nov 13, 2023

Hello, can i still receive child support even thoo im 20 yrs old and still studying?


Nov 6, 2023

I am a trader from Iraq who imports ornamental fish from Kenya. This time someone scammed me and took the money and I cannot contact him now. What is the...