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I'm a British citizen domiciled in Nigeria, with two biological children and one adopted child. how do I go about securing their citizenship?

I have been admitted to a Master's program at Nova SBE in Portugal. However, I have previously been rejected for visas (both tourist and student) from the USA, Canada, and...

Work visa

Apr 30, 2024

What kind of visa do I need? My bf in Scotland wants me to come over and I can also work where he works, his boss is willing to give...

I am a single mother and my child is 4 years old. I was never married to the father of my child. He abandoned the child when the child was...

I was not given a visa to the United Kingdom. I later realized that the CoS had an issue. What can I do?

I was told to provide a detailed explanation of PA’s past relationships with the mother of my kids which I’m not married to but use my surname

I was banned by uk immigration for 10years from 1st of November,2013 on a family visit application,what to know day,month and year to reapply

I wish to relocate abroad but there's disparity between My DOB in my educational certificates and my passport. Can an affidavit for declaration of Age cover me?

Waiver of 212(a)(6)(e)

Apr 27, 2023

I was denied a visa to the US under 212(a)(6) (e) because I left my children with their dad in the US. I haven't seen my children for more than...

Spousal filing for USA

Jan 16, 2023

If a military husband in the USA files for his wife living in Nigeria, how long does the processing takes for her to join him in the USA ?

US citizenship claim

Dec 15, 2022

My mum in-law(85years) has been out of the US for a while( over 8years) now following the news of her husband's demise, for which she had to return to Nigeria...

I need to take my niece along with my kids to the USA and was told she must be adopted. I want to know whether legal guardianship is acceptable. Thanks