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Hello Sir/Madam. I'm Seng a 69-year-old Korean citizen. In 1991, I got a social security card in SSA American Samos. In 2004, Moved to the mainland for a better school...

I would like to lease farm land for 30 years to build a house.

Real Estate

Nov 14, 2022

I'm buying a condo from an individual with no agency involved. How can I make sure it'll be in my name before paying him?

I read so little about SIN SUAN TUA and SIN SOMROS on the various web pages about divorce and estate divisions in Thailand, but I think they are the most...

I am Dutch and married for 13 years with a Thai wife. Over the past 10 years we lived outside Thailand as I was an expat. From our marriage we...

claiming rights

Aug 8, 2022

Dear Sir, Around 20 over years ago, I and my wife (Thai National) bought a piece of land We went thru the Land authority of Udon Thani to complete the...


Jul 25, 2022

Hello. I have been married for 25 years to a Thai lady. A lawyer discovered that my wife sold the house to her sister. Because it was over 10 years...

I am looking to open a small beach bar and restaurant in Phuket, how can I get an alcohol license, what documents do I need?

I am interested in spending some of my time in Thailand every year with the Thai Elite Visa, however, I am wondering if this would oblige me to pay income...


I have a business with a minimal level of income and some other passive income, is there any income requirement to apply for a Thailand Elite Visa?

I would like to apply for a Thai Elite Visa, what paperwork and documents must I prepare to go with the application?

I am looking to plan my schedule in relation to applying for an Elite Visa, I would like the visa to start around July this year, when do I need...

I recently moved out of my Bangkok condo and I would like to keep it and rent it out, is this possible?

I am French and I would like to buy a condo in Phuket or Koh Samui, am I able to do this?

I am interested in buying a newly developed condo, however, it is not yet completed, is it still possible to legally purchase?

I have agreed to buy a condo in Bangkok and I am wondering where and when the transfer of the property takes place?

I am from the UK and I would like to purchase some land in Chiang Mai, how can I do this?

I currently have all my business contracts in English, is it necessary to have these translated into Thai? Can you tell me which ones I should prioritise?

I do not speak Thai and I am wondering how the court process works in Thailand and what support I might need?

I need to open a court case in Thailand, I am from the US, is this possible?