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Awan Legal Services is a trusted and highly regarded Pakistan’s Law firm specializing in Criminal, Civil and Family law services. First establish in Islamabad 2007 and have continued to expand and now with 3 offices located in Islamabad, Lahore and Sargodha.
Awan Legal Associates Lawyers highly qualified, most experienced and punctual. We care our clients rights on priority bases. We advise our clients any time regarding Criminal, Civil, Family, Narcotics, Cyber Crimes etc.
Our Clients all over the world protect by Awan Legal Associates Islamabad Pakistan. Our Each Client Valued and most of them from U.S.A. Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines and many other

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Family Lawyer Islamabad Pakistan

Awan Legal Associates is the unique name in the field of Family Related Matters. Family Lawyer Islamabad Pakistan a group of experts in Family cases like Divorce / Khullah, Court Marriage / Online Nikah Registration, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Child Custody, Guardianship Certificate, Wife or Minor Maintenance, Dowry / Dowry Article.

Divorce / Khulla Suit

In Islam Divorce is the right of Husband and when wife claim dissolution of marriage then it called Khulla that is right of wife.
Divorce Procedure: When ever all kinds of struggles in vain then Husband can contact Family Lawyer and sign Divorce papers drafted by competent family lawyer.
Awan Legal Associates precede Divorce Certificate Proceeding in Arbitration / Union Councils Fall in Islamabad / Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Hazara Divisions of Pakistan. Divorce Certificate duration 90 days after submission of file in concerning council.

Khulla Procedure: Whenever a wife decided to separate her husband then visit or contact Awan Legal Associates Islamabad Pakistan. Due To we will draft your suit just need your signatures and will be filed in Family Court. Proceeding took 30 Days to 90 Days depends on Case Situation. After Khulla Decree File submit in Arbitration / Union Council that process complete in 90 days that also considered as Iddat Period. Read More

Court Marriage / Online Nikah Registration

In case of Love / Court Marriage Contact Us along with CNIC and 6 Passport Size Pictures of Bride. We will solemnize your Nikah Ceremony. In case of Bride or Groom having other than Pakistani Nationality or living abroad then copy of Passport also needed. So we will provide Registered NADRA Marriage Certificate attested from MOFA.

Read More About Court Marriage

Read More About Online Nikah

Child Custody

Custody of Minor related cases deals here in Awan Legal Associates. Father or Mother will contact us along with minor’s birth certificates or Form B and Self CNIC. For more detail kindly discuss on phone.

Read More

Guardian Certificate

Hence Awan Legal Associates provide legal services for obtaining Guardian Certificate. Read More

Wife or Minor Maintenance, Dowry / Dowry Article

Therefore Awan Legal Associates provide legal support whenever Wife or Minor seeks maintenance, or women claim for Dowry / Dowry Article after separation. Read More

Domestic Violence
Father's Rights
Child Abuse
Child Custody
Child Support
Child Visitation
Divorce & Separation


Asylum Seeker Refugee Claim

Asylum Seeker Refugee Claim can defined as when some one national from a country interned in another country.This can claim under International protection law. Awan Legal Lawyers support for Asylum Seeker Refugee Claim worldwide except Israel.

What is Asylum Meaning

Asylum is a right under International Law to protect a person when his / her life in danger in his own country. In case of any reason when he / she threatened or some one attempt to kill him / her then International Protection law allows to seek Asylum in any country. It’s upon the host country dependency to accept or reject Refugee claim.
Asylum meaning in Urdu (پناہ), in Arabic (اللجوء) and In Hindi language (अस्पताल).

Kinds of Asylum

There are many kinds of Asylum but two major branches are as under
1. Political Asylum 2. Lunatic Asylum
In short any kind of Asylum seek but main ground behind it to protect life or any brutal attack in violence.

Political Refugee Asylum

Political Refugee Asylum claim is very common practice across the World. Normally Asian Politician specially Pakistan National Politician seek political Asylum in London UK. There are lot of examples like MQM Leader Altaf Hussain.

Lunatic Asylum

Lunatic Asylum is kind of Asylum based on Mental Hospital decision. This kind of Asylum purely on the basis of Medical.

International Asylum Lawyers

Awan Legal providing Asylum Seeker Refugee Claim Immigration Visa services to Asylee Worldwide. The Awan Legal assist Asylee from start to end. Awan Legal Services available in all major Countries and Online support across the world except Israel(Not Recognized State Occupied Land of Palestine). Hence Contact for any legal assistance for Documents preparation or Immigration Visa related issues. So our major coverage area USA, Canada, Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia. Due to raise in Asylum cases difficult to differentiate who is eligible and who fake.

Asylum Seeker Refugee Claim Immigration Visa Lawyer Pakistan

Pakistan’s leading Asylum Seeker Refugee Claim Immigration Visa Lawyers firm Awan Legal based in Islamabad. ALP provide documentation services for Asylee from Pakistan to any other country. Simply Contact us or arrange a meeting. Awan Legal available to communicate securely and provide legal help for Asylum. In case of refusal of Asylum Application Awan Legal assist for Appeal. There are lot of cases refused in some countries and Asylee make and appeal against the refusal. In case of appeal in United Kingdom refusal ratio is 25%.

Asylum Seeker Refugee Claim Procedure

There are two major ways to seek Asylum Refugee claim.
1. Make an application to a state or country to seek Asylum Refugee claim along with proofs. Then state or that country allow or reject claim. If rejected then right of appeal allowed.
2. Some Asylee directly fly to the port of the country and claim Asylum on entry. In this kind of situation some states tolerate and allow temporary entry and proceed Asylum claim. But some country arrest on Airport or seaport where Asylee first entered and detain. Case of claim refugee proceed in Court and after decision of learned court country allow or reject.

Contact Best Asylum Lawyer Islamabad

Above all Awan Legal Best Asylum Lawyer Law Firm based in Islamabad Pakistan.
In case of any Family Matter Feel free to contact Al Turka Legal Pakistan.


Criminal Defense

Criminal Lawyer Islamabad Pakistan

Awan Legal Associates providing top level services provider Criminal Lawyer Islamabad Pakistan. Stretching the limits in Murder, Narcotics, Corruption, White Color Crimes, Kidnapping, Sexual Harassment, Attempt to Murder, Terrorism, Rape, Robbery, Extortion, Theft (Electric and Gas), Human Trafficking and Blasphemy related Cases etc.
Awan Legal Associates deals all kinds of Bail matter , 22A / 22B, 249, Superdari and trial in lower and High Courts Islamabad / Rawalpindi / Lahore/ Peshawar / Karachi Pakistan.
Awan Legal Associates having team of Expert Lawyers of High Courts very well know how to deal and fight for your rights. Also time calculate and prices very economically affordable for everyone. Your privacy and secrecy important for us we never disclose privacy matter in any kind of situation.
We deals in all kind of Criminal Law related matters, Contact us for best advice. We also deal on bail matters and trials separately if someone interested.

Criminal Cases Procedure

In case of any Criminal matter obtain FIR from concerning Police Station/ Women Police Station or ANF. Contact Awan Legal Associates for expert opinion. Our Expert Attorney guides you about your rights or Defense. If bail required pre-arrest or for confirmation of bail we prepare file and apply for bail in related court.

Stages of Trial in Criminal Matters

In criminal Matters following stages that will be proceed accordingly in certain time

First of All Physical & Judicial remand stage started then Submission of Challan & Framing of Charge.
Prosecution Evidence provided and Submission of FSL report.
342 statement will be recorded then Closing of prosecution evidence and Defence evidence start.
So With completion of 340(2). Cr.P.C. defence evidence closed.
Summing up case by PP/accused – 365 (G) Cr.P.C.
And lastly Reply (if any)

Note: When ever criminal matter occurred collect evidence carefully. Check available eye witnesses that are willing to appear in Police Station or Court for evidence.
Never Make any delay in FIR and try to explain true matters and must care about time management.
Your whole case depends on FIR so must be careful during FIR and obtain FIR Copy As Soon As Possible. For More Details visit Al Turka Criminal Legal Associates Pakistan.

Contact Best Criminal Lawyer Islamabad

Above all Awan Legal Best Asylum Lawyer Law Firm based in Islamabad Pakistan.
In case of any Family Matter Feel free to contact Al Turka Legal Pakistan.

+92 333 9608035

Arrests & Searches
Bail Bond Service
Criminal Litigation
Drug Crime
Drunk Driving
Sex Crime
Speeding & Traffic Ticket

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