Davies & Associates ("D&A") has grown to become the largest global law firm specialising in US, UK and Italian business and investment immigration together with Citizenship and Residency by Investment (together, “CBI”).  No other law firm focused on CBI maintains a presence across Asia, Europe, Africa, Australasia and the Americas.

Despite our global presence in CBI, D&A prides itself on the individual attention we give our clients.  Our mantra is “local service, global expertise”.  We are unlike visa consultancies and certain other law firms in that we represent the interests of our clients and do not fulfil the role of “visa broker".

Clients should also be aware that visa agencies do not benefit from attorney-client privilege.  This means that a non law firm agent may be able to be compelled to hand over client sensitive information to National governments or other parties in litigation proceedings; in contrast courts have systematically upheld the secrecy of attorney records and law firms cannot be compelled to produce private client information. 

Our firm is privileged to be the firm of choice for European governments seeking United States visas, major multi-nationals, some of the world's most significant business families and individual entrepreneurs.  Our private clients team also assist individuals and smaller families in their pursuit of their global movement and growth plans.

Our firm has language capabilities in:  English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Ukrainian, Africans, Swahili, Xhosa, Shona, Tagalog, Danish and Welsh (!)

While our largest offices are in New York, London and Milan our firm maintains lawyers to serve clients in every continent except Antarctica.  We currently offer in-person service in:

Argentina (Buenos Aires and Mendoza), 
Mexico (Mexico City, Puebla de Zaragoza and Leo pending in 2022)
USA** (New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Fresno and San Jose)
St. Kitts & Nevis (through a venture worth a local firm)
Antigua & Barbuda*

UK** (Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Glascow, Birmingham and Leeds), 
Italy** (Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan and Parma)
Portugal** (1 'of counsel' lawyer focused on Portuguese Resident by Investment)
Turkey** (Istanbul and Bodrum* through an alliance with the largest Turkish law firm engaged in Turkish CBI)
France* (Paris, Marseilles and La Rochelle)
Germany* (Frankfurt & Munich)

Egypt (in association with an Egyptian law firm)
South Africa**

India** (Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Mumbai)
Vietnam** (HCMC and Hanoi - Hanoi is currently staffed from HCMC)
Singapore** (through our sister firm Global Citizenship Services) 
Philippines (Manila and Cebu)

New Zealand*

* New locations scheduled to open in 2022.
** In these countries D&A has lawyers licensed to practice local law.  In other countries other than these our lawyers focus on offering CBI and immigration and business solutions to the US, UK, Italy, Portugal and the Caribbean.

Founded in 2020

8 Offices

100 people in their team

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Banking & Finance
Due Diligence
Legal Document
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Oil, Gas & Energy

D&A assists business and entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses in the US, UK and Italy.  We also maintain licensing that enables us to offer our clients Citizenship by Investment options in multiple countries.


Business Visa
Dependent Visa
Permanent Residency
Retirement Visa
Work Permit

D&A possibly has the most global presence and footprint of any immigration or CBI-focused law firm in the world.

Our focus is however always the individual client.  We are possibly the only law firm of our size that is not considered a "visa mill'.

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Business Visa


Andrew Nguyen: Amazing firm for Turkish E2 and Turkish passports by investment.

I got an E2 visa through them in Istanbul. I obtained a Turkish passport through investment through this firm and applied from my home in Vietnam. The Turkish passport was delivered to my home in Vietnam.

I was told by other firms that as a Vietnamese person who just obtained a Turkish passport I would have difficulty with the E2 visa stage and that I had to apply in Vietnam. The other firms were wrong. Davies explained exactly what the risks were and how I could reduce them with better documentation. They contacted the consulate in Istanbul and cleared that they would take my case in advance.

Their lawyers in USA made me produce much more documentation than I was ready for and at the time I was frustrated by that but in hindsight it was what got my case approved. My friend applied in Vietnam at the same time but his visa was denied.

Other firms told me to apply for my E2 visa in Ho Chi Minh City but Davies explained that E2 visas are new in Ho Cho Minh City while they have over 10 years of experience with E2 visas in Istanbul and they knew what the risks were in Istanbul and what I would be asked. I was told that because I was going on a trip to Germany and could have a stop in Istanbul that they could ask the US consulate if they would take my case or not based on my connection with Turkey.

I flew into Istanbul on my way to my business meeting in Germany and was met by Davies & Associates at the airport who put me in a hotel near their office and the consulate. Davies has an office in Istanbul near the US consulate and are experts at applying for E2 visas in Istanbul.

The next morning I went to the Davies office and was given a final practice for my interview. They then took me to the consulate for my E2 interview. Davies had prepared me in advance for every question I was asked and I was told that my case was approved while I was at the consulate.

My only complaint was that I ended-up having to wait a few more days in Istanbul than Davies told me to get my passport and E2 visa back and this meant I had to re-schedule my meeting and onward flight.

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