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Global Lawyers has a multidisciplinary team with proven experience and in-depth knowledge in all areas of law: litigation, public and private, corporate, real estate and foreign investment, out-of-court dispute resolution and arbitration.

We provide technical legal advice to our clients in the areas of employment, tax and administrative law and we have a team especially dedicated to debt recovery.

Our activity covers the national and international territory.

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Founded in 1998

2 Offices

50 people in their team

Practice areas
Real Estate
Employment & Labor
Intellectual Property
Lawsuits & Disputes

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Practice areas


This area of ​​practice includes legal advice to commercial contracts and to all the business activity developed by our clients in their fields of action, covering legal services regarding the adversities of their existence as commercial companies. Namely, those that respect the processes of creation, transformation, expansion and internationalization, through the acts of merger and split, until the dissolution and liquidation thereof.

Global Lawyers provides all the necessary legal support to the development of our clients’ business activities, particularly in the context of commercial contracts. We provide legal advice and follow-up on financing and capital increase operations, due diligence procedures, in addition to the preparation and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements and any other type of business that proves necessary to optimize the respective results.

Banking & Finance
Business Registration
Due Diligence
Legal Document
Merger & Acquisition
New Business Formation
Office Solutions
Oil, Gas & Energy

Real Estate

The Global Lawyers team has relevant experience in legal advice and support in the areas of urban planning and licensing, development and promotion of real estate and tourism, providing all legal services to support the transformation, use and monetization of real estate assets. Also, all real estate transactions, such as leasing, lease back, purchase and sale, and setting-up other real rights over real estate, assuring to its clients, assistance in the areas of real estate financing, construction, urban planning, municipal, commercial and environmental licensing.

In this context, we highlight the legal services regarding the planning of real estate investment operations, hiring and negotiation of transmission operations, enjoyment and use of real estate. In addition, legal assistance to the real estate operations of construction and commercialization of shopping centres, Retail Parks, as well as residential, industrial, commercial, hotel and tourist developments. Constitution, management and disinvestment in Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Investment Funds and other vehicles for real estate investment and municipal, commercial and environmental licensing.

Commercial Real Estate
Housing, Construction & Development
Land Use & Zoning
Landlord & Tenant
Real Estate Contracts and Negotiations
Real Estate Due Diligence

Employment & Labor

Global Lawyers has a team with proven experience and in-depth knowledge in all areas of Labour Law, which, due to their technical qualifications and professional experience in the business sector, provide all legal support to their clients, either through consulting services or through litigation.

Of the services provided in this area, we highlight the support to the activity of the companies in the human resources management, namely, in the elaboration of contracts and all the documentation regarding labour. Also, monitoring the procedures of termination of the labour relation, organization of the processes of acquisition and corporate fusion, business restructuring, and other business transactions with significant labour impact.

The services provided by Global Lawyers also includes legal advice in the areas of ​​Social Security and collective bargaining, following-up companies and their associations in the various stages of the process.

Employment Rights
Hiring & Firing
Job Discrimination
Labor Law
Sexual Harassment
Social Security
Wage & Hour
Wrongful Termination

Intellectual Property

The significant growth of technological evolution has led to the emergence of new contractual and relationship figures of economic agents that are important to protect and in which electronic commerce has gained significant importance.

Aware of this permanent need, Global Lawyers has created a specific area of ​​action with specialized professionals that provides legal services designed to protect the creativity and innovation of our clients and the development of business ideas or business processes in a constantly changing and more global society.

With a transversal approach, necessary in the current information society, we provide legal advice to the creation, development of all creative processes and technological know-how, software licensing, Information Technology contracts, e-commerce, relationship with regulators, intellectual property, trademarks, patents, databases and agreements of confidentiality and protection for agents who want to assert rights over the products and services they create.


Lawsuits & Disputes

Global Lawyers has a team with proven experience and deep knowledge in all areas of Litigation, public and private, developing its activity in national and international territory.

The participation of Global Lawyers takes place in the initial phase of litigation prevention, ensuring the necessary advice to the clients, but also in the respective representation in the litigations, guaranteeing a permanent and specialized follow-up.

Global Lawyers assures Litigation in all its areas of activity, as described in point 2 above, including Administrative, Commercial, Civil, Tax, Labour, Criminal and Counter-Dispute Litigation, as well as Arbitration.

Class Action
ADR Mediation & Arbitration

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