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A concierge service is not for everyone – some people will always choose to do things themselves. Others will enjoy spending hours on research, and some will feel they just don’t need external help.

If that does not sound like you, your time is valuable, you’re in a hurry or you just want the best deals in Pattaya? Then J & E Concierge can definitely help you.

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What’s a BOI Company Thailand?

The Board Of Investment (BOI) is a policy created by the Thai government that portrays industrial promotion. The Thai government is actively subsidizing and providing incentives to businesses of foreign nationals who want to start a business in Thailand, the first country to have such an investment law.

The main aspects to be kept in mind are the following:

1. The Thai state does not nationalize the activity of that promoted person

2. The state does not undertake a new activity in competition with the promoted person

3. The state does not monopolize the sale of products, or goods of the same type, or even similar to those proposed by the promoted person

4. The state does not control the price of the products or goods of the activity promoted by the respective person

5. That person will be allowed to export products, or goods of his activity

6. The Thai state does not allow any government agency, enterprise, or government organization to import into the kingdom with import duties exempt from any kind of products, or goods promoted by a person.

Banking & Finance
Board of Investment (BOI)
Business Registration
Due Diligence
Legal Document
Merger & Acquisition
New Business Formation
Office Solutions
Oil, Gas & Energy


Accidents always happen without warning……But when it happens, call J&E Concierge!

 You’ve been a cautious driver, but this time it happened to you! You have been involved in a car accident in Pattaya, or maybe on Thailand’s roads. As it is the first time you face such an unpleasant event, you don’t even know what to do or where to start. But WE KNOW! We can solve ANY problem.

We’re here for you with professional claims assistance!

Save our contact info! You`ll have a team you can rely on. One that works for you and can do more than fill out a claim. We`ll do all our best to resolve your insurance claim as fast as possible with the right settlement for you.

Just contact us as soon as the accident occurs. In this way, we can handle efficiently your problem. Give us a call or send us an email when an accident happens. Our office team is pleased to help you.

J & E Concierge’s Insurance Services

J & E Insurance Services Pattaya offers a wide range of Insurance services to cover all your assets and liabilities. We offer Life insurance, Health Insurance, Home and Contents Insurance, Travel Insurance and a selection of business insurance services to ensure all your assets. Life is full of surprises, get covered!

Why J & E Concierge?

  • J & E Insurance services are working with over 30 reputable insurance companies, ensuring that we can source you the best deal with appropriate cover.
  • J & E Insurance have knowledgeable staff that is able to answer your questions and provide advice in what can be a complex market.
  • J & E Insurance is focused on providing a fast, honest and reliable service to you. We will not only set up your insurance but if the worst happens and you have to make a claim, we will assist with the claims procedure.
Bad Faith Insurance
Health insurance
Insurance Defense
Insurance Fraud
Life Insurance


J & E Immigration Services Visa Run Service

Who hasn’t heard of Visa Run in Thailand? Probably just the tourists who chose to visit Thailand for a short time.

But you may know, as a foreigner in Pattaya, that this is also practiced, that is, to go to a neighboring country or to fly to another country and return to Thailand with the next flight. Why? Most people use this type of service to avoid an excessive visa stay. We hope this information is a useful reference for you and would help you make the right decision to extend your time in Pattaya.

There is up-to-date information and rules that you need to research very carefully before trying to opt for a visa run. Keep in mind that not all border crossing points have the same requirements.

Business Visa
Dependent Visa
Permanent Residency
Retirement Visa
Work Permit

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