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Neneng Law Office is a bilingual law firm in Cameroon and a tech-oriented legal service law firm in Cameroon, Africa. Our services as a law firm in Cameroon are tailored toward providing the best legal services for national and cross-border transactions in Cameroon and the Central African Sub-African Region. Our influence as a law firm in Cameroon in advisory providing the best legal services is the experience that makes us outstanding.

Neneng Law Office as a leading law firm in Cameroon, our objective is:

  1. To address clients’ legal issues by providing them with high-quality legal services, and excellent client service creating a bespoke approach in accordance with the law.
  2. To seek a cordial and long-term relationship with our clients and contacts understanding the importance of providing our legal services and advice in a proactive and cordial way.
  3. To redo work and to be referred to new clients. However, we appreciate that it will only happen when we consistently deliver the very best of our legal services and understand what our clients want and how they want to achieve it.

We believe that client relationships are based on trust and a sense of common purpose. Thus we strive to make the fee structure and legal cost as transparent and predictable as possible. 

Our main priority is to deliver the best legal services and business solutions to help our clients succeed. Therefore, our fee arrangements adjust to the client's needs, the client's goals, and the nature of the matter.


About Neneng Law Office

Founded in 2020

4 people in their team

Practice areas
Real Estate
Lawsuits & Disputes
Intellectual Property
Employment & Labor
Media, Technology and Telecoms

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Practice areas


Neneng Law Office serves private individuals and business clients worldwide in the field of business immigration to Cameroon. 

The issues facing individuals and entrepreneurs coming to Cameroon via Business or other reasons are very different than those facing our business clients who require a reliable Cameroon business lawyer for all their company’s immigration issues.

Entrepreneurs from across the world both developed countries and other African countries require legal advice regarding the application procedure for a Cameroon visa based on entrepreneurial (self-employment) activity, whereas businesses in Cameroon often require support on visa and residence permit applications for professionals worldwide. 

As a law office in Cameroon with a dedicated team of business immigration lawyers, we have supported many individuals, and entrepreneurs in acquiring the residence permit needed. 

We are widely experienced in immigration procedures and working with the immigration authorities and will look to accelerate the process wherever possible. 

For companies already in Cameroon, our lawyers advise on matters of family reunification, short-stay visas, other residence permits, and other possibilities under the immigration legal provision in Cameroon.

Business Visa
Dependent Visa
Permanent Residency
Work Permit


At Neneng Law Office, our experienced business & corporate lawyers are available to you regardless of your company’s size. 

We support start-up companies and established names in the Cameroon market. 

Our lawyers in Cameroon not only understand and advise on the complexities of the OHADA Law regulating business activities in Cameroon but also provide industry-specific insights to ensure that your company stays ahead of its competition. 

We will be by your side when dealing with shareholder conflicts, facing difficulties with business regulations in Cameroon, setting up a business, merger & acquisition or when looking to expand or restructure an existing company.

By engaging with Neneng Law Office legal services, businesses legally established in Cameroon can focus their attention on running the business while knowing that their legal affairs are in safe hands.

Admiralty & Maritime
Banking & Finance
Business Registration
Communications & Media Law
Due Diligence
Health Care
Legal Document
Merger & Acquisition
New Business Formation
Office Solutions
Venture Capital

Real Estate

The Neneng Law Office treats each matter like the unique situation it is. 

We advise, negotiate and  facilitate the sale and purchase of land transactions and real estate investments Providing due diligence services.

Due Diligence of the Property 

Prior, purchasing a property in Cameroon, due diligence is highly advisable about the status of the property to ensure that it is ready to be transferred and free and clear of encumbrance.We provide accurate due diligence reports in English and French including the following;

-Legal information as to the existence of a land title and current property owner,

-If there is a third party in joint ownership except the owner.

-If there is any mortgage under the property 

-Official appraisal value of the property.

Sale and Purchase Agreements

We also handle real estate purchase and sale side transactions 

-Drafting enforceable purchase and sale agreements , 

-Facilitate the creation of real estate companies, 

-Negotiate real estate partnerships and joint ventures. 

Lastly, we represent building owners(Landlords) in drafting;

-Real estate leases & subleases, 

-Commercial leases, 

-Representing tenants in interpreting and negotiating their tenancy agreements.

-Retainership agreements on management of real estate property.

Property Registration 

We assist to register the transfer of land property at the Land registry of Cameroon.

Commercial Real Estate
Housing, Construction & Development
Landlord & Tenant

Lawsuits & Disputes

At Neneng Law Office, we advise and enable our clients to engage in other forms of dispute resolution mechanisms apart from litigation. 

We believe in amicable negotiations when handling our clients’ dispute issues. 

Our approaches toward alternative dispute resolution is through conciliation, arbitration and mediation.

ADR Mediation & Arbitration

Intellectual Property

We assist clients determine if trademarks are available to adopt and use and advise them on the aspects of obtaining trademark, patent and copyright protection in Cameroon as well as joint ownership agreements where the Intellectual property is created jointly, we can prepare an agreement to set out the respective rights and obligations of the parties.


Employment & Labor

Our good specialists’ attorney in employment law at Neneng Law Office advises individuals, business persons, country directors of organizations, managing directors, and managers at companies of all sizes. 

Our team at Neneng Law Office assists in drafting employment contracts, and internal regulatory policies, designing employment termination agreements, and in legal disputes. 

By engaging with our services, you can work alongside a business lawyer who will support your company in implementing best-practice policies and procedures to prevent damaging and costly legal cases from arising.

Having legally compliant and fair systems in place is also likely to increase your employees’ motivation in the workplace. 

Our team assists businesses and companies with the employment and procedural aspects of foreigners working in their institutions with respect to employment and immigration issues.

Our Cameroon business lawyers provide industry-specific insights tailored to your business and company’s needs within Cameroon.

Employment Rights
Labor Law
Social Security
Wage & Hour
Wrongful Termination

Media, Technology and Telecoms

At Neneng Law Office, we assist and provide legal assistance relating to intellectual and data protection, IT, e-commerce and entertainment:

-Intellectual property legal support and protection.

-Data protection and privacy protection 

-Drafting, review and assessment of software contract and agreements.

-Legal assistance for IT projects.

-Commercial and regulatory issues affecting technology.

-Socisl media and user generated legal issues.

-software and Music copyright infringement 

-Terms and conditions for websites and apps.

Cyber Law, Data Privacy and Data Protection
Information Technology
Media and Entertainment
Technology Transactions
Telecommunications and Broadcast


At Neneng Law Office we regularly handle adoption and divorce cases. Our familiarity with the procedure means we can process your adoption and divorce cases efficiently and in accordance with your preferred timescales.

If the spouses have been separated for one year and both request a divorce or the respondent consents to a divorce, there is a presumption that the marriage has broken down.

Husbands and wives can both initiate divorce proceedings. Courts will grant a divorce where:

  • There is mutual consent
  • One spouse has deserted the other for a period of one year
  • Married life has broken down
  • There is fault on the part of one spouse

Neneng Law Office has extensive knowledge of the adoption procedure, regularly representing individuals from all over the world. 

Child Custody
Collaborative Law
Divorce & Separation
Father's Rights

Our Partners and Associates

Neneng Yannick

Neneng Yannick

Managing Partner

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