Sorasak Law Office and International Consultants Co., Ltd.


21 Years of providing our clients a wide range of legal services and complete solutions in Thailand (One Stop Legal Service). The service is available in two languages, both Thai and English.

Sorasak Law Office and International Consultants Limited started legal services in 2003. We provide litigation services for both civil and criminal cases such as intellectual property cases, real estate cases, family cases, inheritance cases, labor cases, life insurance cases, and arbitration cases.

Currently, Sorasak Law Office and International Consultants Co., Ltd. have been providing our client business in terms of registration, such as company registration and business license. Also Visa and Work Permit services in Thailand for foreign customers who come to do business in Thailand.

As for the international consultant, the company has a team of lawyers who graduated from abroad as a team to take care of legal services with foreigners. With services ranging from translation notarizing documents by lawyers who have certified the names of the lawyers council Including accepting various litigation To the parties in the Arbitration Institute (ICC) and other cases.

Therefore, the company has a team of lawyers who specialize in litigation. Insurance arbitration in particular To get effective results Including systematic work such as reporting various functions. And ready to follow the steps of the insurance company The company has a team of experienced lawyers. And have personnel ready To take care of the insurance law According to international standards and have good management principles with the necessary information. Being One Stop Legal Service is our main priority.


As for the international consultant, the company has a team of lawyers who graduated from abroad as a team to take care of legal services with foreigners. With services ranging from translation and notarization by a lawyer who made the endorsement


Our Services


Civil and Commercial Cases

  • Breach of loan agreement, sale and purchase agreement and employment agreement
  • Tort and claim for damages, eviction, claim for damages to assets, reputation, body and loss of benefit
  • Dispute of business partnership, joint venture and sharing of benefits and commercial
  • Transportation and customs laws (any related laws of import and export)
  • Consumers protection, online sale and purchase, intellectual property, construction and technology and entertainment media


Register for Visa and Work Permits (For working in Thailand only)

  • Work Permit
  • Visa
  • Company Registration
  • Business Licenses
  • VAT Registration
  • Employer Registration
  • Request for taxpayer ID
  • Opening the company’s bank account
  • Register for change a in Company
  • Request for foreign business licenses
  • Request for digital assets licenses
  • All types of FDA registration and licenses


Juristic Acts and Agreements, Contract Drafting and Document translation : (Thai, Chinese and English)

  • Contract drafting (Thai, Chinese and English)
  • Document translation
  • Register for a copyright, trademark and patent
  • Register for a partnership, company and public company
  • Provide Legal services on real estate such as permitted licenses and sale and purchase of land
  • Drafting MOA or MOU between government agencies and private organization
  • Notarial Services for signature and documents
  • Notarial services on Department of Foreign Trade’s POA


Criminal and Corruption Cases

  • Cheating and fraud, investment fraud, insurance fraud, public fraud and public loan
  • Misappropriation, employer theft and employee corruption
  • The Offenses Arising from the Use of Checks and gambling
  • Fabricates a false document, document of right, official document and use of document
  • Defamation, defamation by advertising and the Computer Act
  • Malfeasance in office (non-offending), accused of performing duties wrongfully or dishonestly


Insurance and Medical Cases

  • Life and health insurance
  • Medical cases, injury from treatment to the body or brain
  • The Act for offenses arising from using checks and gambling
  • Car accident and construction accident
  • The case which arising from medical offenses to beauty or food supplement


Administrative, Arbitration Cases

  • Breach of Administrative agreement between state and private organization or associations
  • Dispute involving with administrative agency or government officials acting illegally such as issuing unlawful rules, regulations, or orders for various associations
  • Tort liability by government officials
  • Government agreement concession
  • Government’s Construction agreement
  • The Office of Insurance Commission (OIC)
  • Private-to-private agreement (the agreement which requires arbitrator)


Bankruptcy and Business Rehabilitation

  • Bankruptcy and Business Rehabilitation


Labor, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in and outside the court
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Employment agreement
  • Drafting work regulations, employment agreement and termination memorandum which can be forced by Thai law


Family Case, Inheritance, Dispute of Property Management

  • Dispute of husband and wife’s property, breach of divorce agreement, Property Management, Retrieve property
  • Juvenile case
  • Prenuptial agreements between Thai and foreigner
  • Inheritance, management, follow up on inheritance


Provide Legal and Investment Counsel, Legal Consultation for Individuals/Juristic Persons


  • Being a Legal Consultant for Thai and foreign individuals/juristic persons
  • Being a Legal Consultant for Cannabis business investment in Thailand
  • Being a Legal Consultant for Digital asset (cryptocurrency) business


Investigate, Execution and Debt Collection

  • Investigate, Execution and Debt Collection according to the Debt Collection Act B.E. 2558


Provide Services on Academic and Fund Agreement Management, Organize Training Seminars, Provide Legal Knowledge

  • Organize academic training seminars, provide knowledge on labor laws
  • Organize training on Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and guidelines for compliance with the law
  • Organize training for security to develop with business organization under the Thai law with HRDI Co., Ltd.
  • Promote and publicize various legal articles along with government organizations such as universities and etc.
  • Private agreements management such as loan agreement, sponsorship and fund
  • Being a legal consultant and managing fund agreements such as the Government Education Fund




Founded in 2003

21 people in their team

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Practice areas
Civil & Human Rights
Bankruptcy & Debt
Real Estate
Intellectual Property
Media, Technology and Telecoms
Criminal Defense

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Practice areas

Civil & Human Rights

Accepting civil/criminal cases All over the kingdom of Thailand.

Civil Rights
Native People


We have lawyer team who expert in insurance law. Accepting litigation related to disputes under life insurance/insurance contracts. 

Bad Faith Insurance
Health insurance
Insurance Defense
Insurance Fraud
Life Insurance

Bankruptcy & Debt

For bankruptcy proceedings And rehabilitation. Receive debt collection work According to the Debt Collection Act, B.E. 2558

Debt & Collection


We only accept Business Visa and Work Permit for working in Thailand only

Work Permit
Business Visa

Real Estate

Legal work related to real estate, land, various permits

Landlord & Tenant
Commercial Real Estate
Housing, Construction & Development
Land Use & Zoning


Business Registration and licensing. Receive a draft memorandum of agreement or cooperation between public and private agencies such as MOA, MOU. 

Government Contract
Merger & Acquisition
Business Registration
Board of Investment (BOI)

Intellectual Property

Copyright registration Trademarks and patents.


Media, Technology and Telecoms

Personal data refers to data about an individual who can be identified from that data, or from that data and other information to which the organization has or is likely to have access. 

The PDPA recognizes both the need to protect individuals’ personal data and the need of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal data for legitimate and reasonable purposes.

A data protection regime is necessary to safeguard personal data from misuse and to maintain individuals’ trust in organizations that manage their data.

By regulating the flow of personal data among organizations, the PDPA also aims to strengthen Singapore’s position as a trusted hub for businesses.

Cyber Law, Data Privacy and Data Protection

Criminal Defense

Accept all criminal cases

Criminal Litigation

Our Partners and Associates

Mr. Sorasak Ruangvises

Mr. Sorasak Ruangvises


Mr.Nitipol Ongkaew

Mr.Nitipol Ongkaew

Senior consultant and lawyer

Lt.JG Prasart Kheawkrasem

Lt.JG Prasart Kheawkrasem

Senior consultant and lawyer

Associate Professor Piyanuch Potawanich

Associate Professor Piyanuch Potawanich

Senior consultant and professor

Dr. Chavalit Vittanon

Dr. Chavalit Vittanon

Consultant doctor

Miss Chutarat Siruntavinati

Miss Chutarat Siruntavinati

Medical case Lawyer

Mr.Nitiwat Yuttithamwong

Mr.Nitiwat Yuttithamwong

Civil and Criminal Case Lawyer

Mr.Saranond Ratchusanti

Mr.Saranond Ratchusanti

International Case Lawyer

Mr.Tawiyong Srikham

Mr.Tawiyong Srikham

International Lawyer

Mr.Chaloemchai Somsageesit

Mr.Chaloemchai Somsageesit

Asset Seizure Lawyer

Miss Nattanicha Palawat

Miss Nattanicha Palawat

Civil and Criminal Case Lawyer

Miss Worranard Sangmanee

Miss Worranard Sangmanee

Civil and Criminal Case Lawyer

Mr.Thanawat Suthiruck

Mr.Thanawat Suthiruck

Asset Inspector Lawyer

Miss Preeyaporn Saengpara

Miss Preeyaporn Saengpara

Visa & Work Permit Officer

Case results

Prenuptial Agreement drafting


Penthouse and apartment fraud in Samui

Criminal Litigation

Apartment's renting payment denied with no reason

Civil Litigation