Cédula Federal 7928026 / Estatal #114067
Official Translations English / Spanish / English
Licenciado en Derecho (Law Degree) – Universidad America Latina
Especialidad en Derecho Procesal Civil y Mercantil (Specialty Postgraduate Degree) – Universidad Panamericana
Jalisco State Judicial Council Authorized Court Translator (Folio #641)
Federal Judicial Council Authorized Court Translator (D.O.F. Authorized starting 12/16/2016,  most recent 12/14/2022, Registro P.071-2017)
US Consulate / Municipality of Guadalajara Authorized Translator (Clave #003)
Federal Banking and Insurance Commission (CONDUSEF) Arbitrator
Postgraduate diploma course in Condominium Administration (2012)
Postgraduate diploma course in Procedural Law (2013)
Postgraduate diploma course in Contractual Law (2012)
Postgraduate diploma course in Human Rights and Extraordinary Constitutional Writs (2013)
Postgraduate diploma course in Administrative Law (2014)
Postgraduate diploma course in Notarial Law (2014)
Postgraduate diploma course in Corporate Law (2015)
Postgraduate diploma course in Municipal Law (2016)
Postgraduate diploma course in Probate Law (2017)

Postgraduate diploma course in Family Law (2019)

Postgraduate diploma course in Probate Law Updates (2020)

Postgraduate diploma course in Extraordinary Constitutional Writs (2021)

Certified Attorney ANADE Colegio de Abogados 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2023
Various courses in civil, business, real estate and tax law

Expert Witness in US State and Federal Courts regarding Mexican Law and Real Estate

Lic. Spencer Richard Mc Mullen has litigated in all levels and types of courts in the State of Jalisco and is also registered to litigate in the states of Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Colima, Michoacán, Sinaloa and Quintana Roo.

As seen on and interviewed by: Good Morning America, El Informador, Santa Barbara News Press, The Guadalajara Reporter, Newsweek, Fox News, ABC News, Julio Astillero, Yucalandia, The Mazatlan Post, among other respected media sources.

Professional Memberships:

American Bar Association

Organización Mexicana de Traductores

ANADE Colegio de Abogados

Barra Mexicana de Abogados

Colegio de Abogados de la Ribera de Chapala

About Spencers Office S.C. Abogados

Founded in 2010

2 Offices

10 people in their team

Practice areas
Elder Law
Real Estate
Employment & Labor
Criminal Defense

Languages spoken

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Practice areas


Family Law – Divorce, support and custody matters.  Correction of errors on birth certificates.  Conservatorships and guardianships.

Child Abuse
Child Custody
Child Support
Child Visitation
Divorce & Separation
Domestic Violence

Elder Law

Probate – We can advise you on estate planning techniques to avoid probate and save time and money as well as with probate in the court system whether or not the deceased left a will.  Inheritance rights for surviving spouses in same sex marriages. We work with bilingual notaries who can prepare wills in a dual column format in both English and Spanish so heirs and parties here and abroad can easily read and understand your wishes.  Administrative or judicial probates conducted as well as handling of special procedures for adjudication of assets such as stocks in the United States, bank accounts or other assets that have a special procedure where a normal probate case is not the proper method to change title/ownership from the deceased to the next of kin / spouse / heirs.

Estate Planning
Will & Testament

Real Estate

Real Estate Law – We perform due diligence prior to your tendering a deposit to the seller and can check tax office records, the public property registry and other places to find hidden debts or problems.  If there is a problem with the property purchased then we can help with claims against the seller after closing.  We also can handle disputes with neighbors and related issues of encroachment and landlord tenant disputes. We can do title searches to find family property or property that a spouse is trying to hide or not declare in foreign divorce proceedings.

Commercial Real Estate
Housing, Construction & Development
Land Use & Zoning
Landlord & Tenant
Real Estate Contracts and Negotiations
Real Estate Due Diligence

Employment & Labor

Labor Law – Preparation of termination contracts and calculation of severance pay.  Representation of employers to defend frivolous charges by ex employees.  Compliance audits to make sure you have all the correct documentation for audits by IMSS and to prevent future post separation problems.

Employment Rights
Hiring & Firing
Job Discrimination
Labor Law
Sexual Harassment
Social Security
Wage & Hour
Wrongful Termination

Criminal Defense

Criminal Law – Defense and prosecution of minor criminal matters such as car accidents, fraud and similar matters.  Representation of victims and defendants.  Detentions by the municipal police for violations of municipal administrative laws.  We can also help you make the complaint at the ministerio publico if you lost your visa or license plate or your home or business was burglarized.

Arrests & Searches
Bail Bond Service
Criminal Litigation
Drug Crime
Drunk Driving
Sex Crime
Speeding & Traffic Ticket


Immigration – We help you to be able to live in Mexico.  We are experts in Mexican visas and all facets of immigration law.

Planning and advice on what visa type is right for you under your circumstances and qualifications.  Appointments made for Mexican Consulates in the USA / Canada / Europe and globally.  We can help prepare your package, print your bank statements and make your visa application quick and easy.  

Official Translations of Bank Statements and Birth / Marriage / Death Certificates and Judgments

Obtaining US and British Birth, Marriage or Death certificates, judgments and / or apostilles

We can get Mexican Birth / Marriage / Death records and apostilles

Representation at immigration hearings

Renewal of Residente Temporal visas from 1 to 3 year terms and permanent visas for minors.

Changing from residente temporal to residente permanente

Change from tourist visa to temporary / permanente for people with Mexican spouses or children / grandchildren without need to leave Mexico

Finalization of visas obtained at Mexican consulates (temporal and permanente)

Notifications of change of employment / address / marital status (Remember you have 90 days)

Work permission, new and renewal

Immigration Appeals (Recurso de revisión, juicio de nulidad, amparo contra leyes, amparo indirecto y directo)

Student visas

Humanitarian visas for the infirm and sick who cannot leave the country

Replacement of lost / stolen documents

Employer registration and registration annual renewals

Dual nationality / Mexican citizenship

Travel Permission to Leave / Enter Mexico while papers in process

Registering your new immigration document with Aduana to extend your temporary vehicle import permit (law gives you only 15 days)

Clarification of names where name is similar to one on a watch list so you aren´t hassled or denied entry into Mexico

We also do US Tourist Visas for Mexican nationals or people who are residents in Mexico who wish to travel to the US as tourists.  For American Citizens we can help with their passport renewal application as well as making an appointment at the consulate.

Be a dual national.  If you are married to a Mexican, have a Mexican parent, grandparent or child or have lived in Mexico for 5 years or more we can help you apply (2 years with a child or marriage to a Mexican and appropriate immigration document).  People who have a Mexican parent need not come to Mexico for us to do it!

We can help advise you on the procedures to have a Mexican born child acquire US nationality from US citizen parents or grandparents.

Business Visa
Dependent Visa
Permanent Residency
Retirement Visa
Work Permit


Insurance- IMSS renewals and new and renewals for Seguro Popular.   We can also fight against arbitrary denials of insurance companies who refuse to pay rightful claims for life, medical and car insurance policies.  We also can prepare complaints to present to the Insurance and Banking Commission when an insurance company does not pay like it is supposed to so that they will be forced to answer in writing and attend a hearing to explain their position.

Bad Faith Insurance
Health insurance
Insurance Defense
Insurance Fraud
Life Insurance

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