"In the provision of legal services, ethics and attention to detail are fundamental pillars of justice.
At TPA, we are proud to have always respected these criteria, resorting to them in our day to day handling of matters, together with our determination, dedication and professional quality in providing legal services.
We are present every day to support our clients and to provide them with the responses they require, with solutions tailored to their needs, however complex and delicate they may be.
Our strength lies in the determination and efficiency with which we face our challenges, whether private or business related, and overcome them."


Teresa Patrício & Associados (TPA) is a law firm that specializes in providing a tailored service and quality legal support to its clients, whether they are individuals, institutions or companies, with solutions of a technical quality and attention to detail.

TPA has dually qualified lawyers (Portuguese and English law), providing the necessary international experience to understand the specific needs of each client.

This allows TPA to provide a legal service tailored to the Portuguese and English markets, through clear and perceptible terminology, meeting the needs of both national and foreign clients.

TPA’s team is diverse and specialized in several areas of law, providing qualified advice to its clients and allowing full support to companies and anyone looking to invest in Portugal.

Finally, TPA complies strictly with a fee-setting policy which is governed by principles of ethics and transparency, favoring dialogue and the implementation of quality solutions that represent value for money to its clients.

About Teresa Patricio & Associados

Founded in 2005

50 people in their team

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Administrative Law Commercial, Contract and Regulatory Corporate and M&A Data Protection and Privacy Employment Industrial and Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration Real Estate, Lease and Planning Tax

Our objective is to make Corporate Law accessible to investors and entrepreneurs, both national and foreign, accompanying all stages of a company's life cycle: from its incorporation, to the day-to-day management, accompanying all the changes and challenges of business life, allowing clients to undertake their activity with the necessary confidence.

We have an experienced team that provides expert advice to self-employed clients and companies in all aspects of Corporate Law.

We provide daily legal advice with respect to our clients' corporate activities, such as company set ups, share capital increases and reductions, mergers and secessions, statutory changes and updating the members of the corporate bodies. We also carry out all communications related to the Central Registry of the Beneficial Owner (RCBE), related to Portuguese and foreign entities.

At TPA we believe in a close collaboration between the Corporate department and the Commercial, Labor, Tax, Litigation and Data Protection departments, thereby offering a thorough and qualified service, which is a true complement to business management and risk analysis. This personalized, organized and holistic approach to the company represents a competitive gain that translates into a significant advantage in terms of information and decision-making power.


  • Company set-up;
  • Carrying out statutory changes (corporate name, headquarters, object, activity code, etc.) and transformation of companies;
  • Legal advice and preparation of operations related to share capital, including increases and reductions in share capital, transfers of quota shares and purchase and sale of shares;
  • Legal advice and daily monitoring of company affairs (including the preparation of minutes of general meetings, management of minute books, legal opinions, mandates, issuing of shares, updating of share registration books, presentation and updating of the Central Register of Beneficiaries, presentation of commercial records, etc.);
  • Preparation of corporate agreements, such as shareholders' agreements and loan agreements.


Our team provides legal advice on all aspects of buying and selling companies or company assets, as well as mergers and/or secessions. 

At TPA, our clients who intend to acquire a business or carry out a merger and/or secessions find qualified advice regarding the legal requirements to carry out such operations and the necessary due diligence required for the operation to proceed smoothly and safely.

If a client wants to sell a business or its assets, TPA can provide the necessary assistance and experience to prepare the required documentation, for the review of potential buyers. 

Taking into account the specifics of the matter, we accompany the negotiation of all agreements, prepare the legal documentation related to the transaction, ensure the safe sharing of data through the “data room” and monitor the post-sale/acquisition, working in close collaboration with the other departments involved, including the tax impact of those operations.


  • Preparation of non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent or promissory agreements of purchase and sale of shares;
  • Accompanying and preparing the legal due diligence;
  • Preparation of share purchase agreements and associated documentation, such as articles of association and shareholder agreements;
  • Advice in relation to other legal issues, within the commercial, employment and tax areas related to those operations.
Banking & Finance
Business Registration
Due Diligence
Legal Document
Merger & Acquisition
New Business Formation
Office Solutions
Oil, Gas & Energy

Employment & Labor


Administrative Law Commercial, Contract and Regulatory Corporate and M&A Data Protection and Privacy Employment Industrial and Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration Real Estate, Lease and Planning Tax

At TPA we understand the extreme sensitivity and importance of issues related to Employment Law, regardless of whether we advise the employer or the employee, and we have extensive experience from both perspectives.

Our team provides its corporate clients with specialized and personalized advice from the employer's perspective, in order to provide the necessary security in light of complex employment laws and the serious consequences that may result from their non-compliance.

Favouring preventive measures, we advise and provide daily assistance in order to, above all, avoid future litigation and contingencies, especially those that may arise unexpectedly and without prior preparation.

With regard to our private clients, as employees, our intervention will be tailored to the specific situation or the dispute that the client presents to us and we strive for a quick, effective and experienced technical response, which favours the legal defense of the rights and interests of the employee.


  • Legal advice on all aspects of Employment Law and legal issues related to human resources;
  • Drafting or reviewing employment contracts, fixed or uncertain term contracts, service commission contracts, rendering of services contracts and others;
  • Preparation of all types of contracts, agreements, amendments and addendums within the employment law scope;
  • Intervention in any disputes that may arise in the workplace, including disciplinary proceedings;
  • Preparation, accompaniment and monitoring of collective dismissal proceedings, dismissal due to extinction of the work post and dismissal due to just causes;
  • Preparation of revocation agreements, notice or termination of employment contracts;
  • Analysis of trade union agreements and other instruments of collective regulation;
  • Preparation of internal regulations and internal regulations;
  • Preparation of legal opinions on employment matters.
Employment Rights
Hiring & Firing
Job Discrimination
Labor Law
Sexual Harassment
Social Security
Wage & Hour
Wrongful Termination

Intellectual Property


Administrative Law Commercial, Contract and Regulatory Corporate and M&A Data Protection and Privacy Employment Industrial and Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration Real Estate, Lease and Planning Tax

Our team at TPA is able to organize, submit and monitor trademark registration proceedings at a national, EU and international level, as well as logo registration proceedings at national level. We can also assist our clients in registering domains.

We also provide legal advice on copyright and related rights. Likewise, we elaborate clauses for the protection of industrial and intellectual property rights, inserted in commercial contracts, employment contracts and others.


  • Trademark registration at national, EU and international level;
  • Registration of logos at national level;
  • Domain registration;
  • Intervention in trademark and logo registration proceedings as agents;
  • Making the necessary changes to the records initially made;
  • Legal advice on copyright and related rights.

Lawsuits & Disputes


Administrative Law Commercial, Contract and Regulatory Corporate and M&A Data Protection and Privacy Employment Industrial and Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration Real Estate, Lease and Planning Tax

At TPA, we are prepared to intervene in disputes of any nature that may affect our clients' business, from contract law to employment law and even corporate law.

The goal of TPA team is to ensure that its clients can deal with any conflict quickly, consistently and effectively, so that all possible ways of resolving any disputes are always considered.

At TPA, we give preference to preventive law, which ensures the peace of mind of our clients. However, it is not always possible to avoid litigation, and so we have an experienced team to deal with disputes in different matters which our clients must face, with attention to detail and professionalism.

We offer our clients the possibility of mediating conflicts with the opposing party, as well as the use of alternative dispute resolution methods. However, and whenever necessary, we ensure the defense of our clients' rights at the courts of justice with the necessary diligence that these proceedings require.


  • Pre-contractual and contractual liability;
  • Specific performance of obligations under contracts;
  • Issues related to the acquisition, encumbrance and/or sale of real estate;
  • Litigation related to Lease Law;
  • Proceedings for damages under Civil Law;
  • Litigation related to condominium matters;
  • Conflicts related to Consumer Law;
  • Employment proceedings;
  • Administrative litigation;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Civil, criminal and/or administrative offense liability;
  • Challenge and/or suspension of corporate resolutions;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Proceedings for the recovery of companies;
  • Insolvency and company recovery proceedings;
  • Personal bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Divorce and/or separation proceedings;
  • Regulation of parental responsibilities;
  • Proceedings related to inheritance, sharing and division of assets.


At TPA we provide a debt recovery service that includes all legal means to exercise the respective rights. Thus, in a first stage, we focus on voluntary payment, advancing to the executive stages of seizure and sale of debtors' assets when necessary, to ensure the reimbursement of creditors.

At all times, we never lose sight of the fact that it is in our client’s interest to conslude these proceedings swiftly and our priority is always to ensure that any payment agreements entered into with debtors provide adequate and sufficient guarantee to our clients.


  • Extrajudicial notice for payment;
  • Injunction proceedings;
  • European injunction proceedings;
  • Accompanying special proceedings to fulfill contractual obligations;
  • Enforcement proceedings;
  • Response to requests for opposition to enforcement and/or seizures;
  • Credit claims in the scope of enforcement proceedings;
  • Asset allocation orders.


Given the dual qualification of professionals in our team as English Solicitors, we are qualified to issue opinions on various matters of civil liability, intended to be presented in the United Kingdom.

We collaborate with partners in the United Kingdom regarding opinions on UK law, which need to be used in Portugal.


  • Amount of compensation;
  • Issues of civil liability;
  • Applicability of legislation on package travel and related services.


TPA provides legal advice to companies that are in a difficult economic situation, with the main objective of acting quickly so that, when possible, the survival and recovery of companies is assured.

In this sense, our team informs our clients of the extrajudicial means of support to companies that is available, such as restructuring programs and/or the Special Revitalization Process. If insolvency is inevitable, TPA will accompany all phases of the judicial process.

TPA also represents creditors who hold credits against companies in financial difficulties, in order to safeguard the best possible debt recovery.


  • Restructuring procedures;
  • Special Revitalization Process;
  • Insolvency proceedings;
  • Third party insolvency application;
  • Credit claim;
  • Incidents of subsequent credit verification;
  • Challenge of the list of recognized credits;
  • Representation at creditors' meetings;
  • Intermediation with Judicial Administrators and/or Insolvency Administrators, as well as with Creditors' Commissions;
  • Protection of creditors' rights and respective debt recovery.


At TPA, our team is prepared to assist our private clients, even when it becomes necessary to make the difficult decision of filing for bankruptcy.

In the case of clients engaged in business, we also take into consideration extrajudicial means of support, such as restructuring programs and/or the Special Revitalization Process (PER). If filing for bankruptcy becomes inevitable, TPA will monitor all stages of the judicial process.

TPA can also represent private creditors that hold credits against individuals declared bankrupt, in order to safeguard the best possible debt recovery.


  • Request to commence Special Revitalization Proceedings (when applicable);
  • Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Intermediation with Insolvency Administrators and with creditors;
  • Request for exemption from remaining liabilities;
  • Monitoring of the assignment period;
  • Credit claims;
  • Incidents of further verification of credits;
  • Representation at creditors' meetings.
ADR Mediation & Arbitration
Class Action

Real Estate


Administrative Law Commercial, Contract and Regulatory Corporate and M&A Data Protection and Privacy Employment Industrial and Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitration Real Estate, Lease and Planning Tax

Our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the national real estate market which, combined with knowledge of the law in other jurisdictions, helps both the national and international clients navigate the process of buying real estate in Portugal.

At TPA, we advise and guide our clients in relation to the tax aspects and financial implications of the acquisition of real estate. Likewise, in close collaboration with the Immigration Law department, which deals with the Residence Permit for Investment Activity regime (Golden Visa), we ensure that the client's real estate investment can proceed in a legal, safe and effective manner.

Likewise, if from a tax point of view it is more beneficial to invest through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), in collaboration with the Corporate Law department, TPA can assist in the setting up of a company suitable for this purpose.

In this sense, we confirm through documentary analysis, if the property to be purchased is duly licensed and registered and provide our clients with a report on title to enable an informed decision regarding their investment, including advice on possible capital gains in a future sale.

Our team can also assist clients who want to sell their property, organizing the documentation, providing advice on all the steps in the process and representing our clients through a power of attorney, in case they cannot be present.

It may also be advisable to obtain due legal advice on issues arising from property ownership including, but not limited to, the important domain of horizontal property.


  • Report on Title;
  • Preparation and negotiation of promissory contracts;
  • Representing clients through powers of attorney;
  • Preparing and booking notarial deeds;
  • Registration at the Land Registry and Tax Department;
  • Tax advice related to the ownership of real estate;
  • Obtaining a local accommodation license.


One of the main areas of activity of TPA is the Lease law, with several highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of urban and rural leases.

Representing both landlords and tenants, our team at TPA is aware of the applicable legislation and is constantly updated on frequent legislative changes.

We provide effective and timely legal advice on matters relating to the drafting of a lease agreement, resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants and assist in the termination of the lease.

In parallel, and whenever necessary, we accompany the litigation phase, ensuring the effective defense of the rights of our clients.

In addition to the lease, our team is available to provide legal advice on related matters, such as short-term rentals, local accommodation or co-living arrangements.


  • Legal advice on leases and related matters;
  • Preparation and negotiation of lease agreements, notices, amendments to lease agreements, etc.;
  • Accompanying and managing rent increases;
  • Legal advice on the termination of the lease;
  • Lease litigation.


More specifically in the area of ​​Urban Planning Law, at TPA we provide assistance in matters related to urban planning and land planning, within the scope of approval procedures for urban operations, urban planning and rehabilitation, administrative offenses and urban planning litigation.


  • Legal advice regarding legal and regulatory standards applicable in the scope of urban planning, including for the development of economic activities;
  • Obtaining licenses, authorizations and complying with other necessary formalities;
  • Accompanying investment projects;
  • Accompanying municipal licensing procedures, application of administrative fines, embargos, etc.


The legal regime of sectional title ownership directly affects the lives of a significant part of our clients. At TPA, we have extensive experience in issues related to condominiums, providing advice to both owners and condominium administrators, with a view to maintain the regular functioning of this organized way of life between neighbors, which is not always straightforward.

We are also available to mediate disputes which arise between owners or between owners and the administration, always keeping in mind the diplomacy that these situations require, given the need to preserve healthy neighborly relations in the future.

At TPA, we are also prepared to provide assistance to condominiums, in their relationship with public entities, especially regarding the municipal authorities.


  • Legal advice in the setting up condominiums;
  • Support in drafting condominium regulations;
  • Preventive advice on notices and operation of condominium meetings, both ordinary and extraordinary;
  • Advising on alterations to the sectional title deed;
  • Challenging and/or suspending resolutions taken at condominium meetings;
  • Use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Filing judicial proceedings;
  • Assisting the management of the condominium in recovering credits.
Commercial Real Estate
Housing, Construction & Development
Land Use & Zoning
Landlord & Tenant
Real Estate Contracts and Negotiations
Real Estate Due Diligence

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