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Our Expertise and Clientele 

ADK Vietnam Lawyers, located in the bustling heart of Ho Chi Minh City, is renowned for its legal expertise and dedication to serving a diverse range of clients. Our practice areas encompass corporate, investment, labor, commercial business, civil, intellectual property, dispute resolution, and debt recovery, addressing the varied legal needs of local and international clients, including enterprises, organizations, and individuals.

Global Experience and Local Insights 

Proudly recognized as a versatile legal expert in Vietnam, we provide extensive services for clients. Our experience spans supporting major corporations and enterprises from global economic centers like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA, Malaysia, France, and Korea. We have garnered significant expertise in sectors such as renewable energy, healthcare, education, technology, real estate, manufacturing, banking, and investment funds, particularly in their operations within Vietnam.

Our Core Values and Approach 

At the heart of ADK Vietnam Lawyers is a commitment to integrity, community, and client-centric service. We are devoted to offering legal solutions that are not only cost-effective and optimally efficient but also executed with the utmost precision and care.

Our Comprehensive Legal Services

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Expertise
  • Corporate, Contracts, and Commercial Advisory
  • Consultation on Multi-sector Investment Projects
  • Ongoing Retainer Services
  • Specialization in Dispute Resolution and Debt Recovery
  • Professional Legal Training Programs
  • Document Translation Services

Your Trusted Legal Partner in Vietnam With ADK Vietnam Lawyers, you gain a partner that ensures reliable, effective legal support, tailored to foster your business success in Vietnam.


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Practice areas

Employment & Labor

ADK Vietnam: A Vanguard in Labor and Employment Law

Comprehensive Legal Services in Labor Disputes 

ADK Vietnam is distinguished for its extensive experience in labor and employment law. We specialize in handling all aspects of labor disputes, including arbitrations, litigations, and reconciliations. Our expertise extends to crafting comprehensive contracts and ensuring adherence to local labor regulations for businesses of all types.

Representation in Complex Disputes 

Our skilled lawyers have successfully represented both foreign-invested and domestically-invested enterprises in various labor disputes. We also have a notable track record in representing foreign nationals, particularly senior management and professional technical staff, in trials and reconciliations related to labor disputes.

Client-Centric Approach 

At ADK Vietnam, our primary focus is maximizing our clients' benefits. We prioritize long-term commercial reputation, image, and interests, ensuring that all measures comply with relevant laws and policies. Our approach considers more than just immediate gains or losses, emphasizing the broader impact on our clients' operations.

Handling Emergencies and Collective Disputes 

Beyond typical labor disputes, we are adept at managing emergency situations and collective disputes, such as strikes and sabotage. Our strong relationships with authorities, trade unions, and other relevant state entities enable us to address these issues promptly and effectively. This ensures continued production and operation for enterprises while providing legal protection for senior management.

Diverse Legal Services in Labor Law 

Our professional legal services in labor and employment law include:

  1. Consultation on labor and personnel legal frameworks, trade union management, and frequent management questions;
  2. Staffing strategies and services related to labor dispatch, including drafting and reviewing labor contracts and related agreements (e.g., staff training, confidentiality, non-competition agreements);
  3. Development and review of internal enterprise policies on labor, personnel, salary, welfare, and working hours;
  4. Legal assistance with collective labor contract signings, terminations, and collective downsizing;
  5. Due diligence in labor and personnel matters for joint ventures, M&A, restructuring, reorganization, and bankruptcy, including staffing plan designs;
  6. Arbitration and litigation for labor disputes, including collective disputes, and related issues like commercial secret disputes and non-competition matters.
Employment Rights
Labor Law
Social Security
Wage & Hour
Hiring & Firing

Bankruptcy & Debt

Expert Debt Recovery Services: A Blend of Efficiency and Legal Acumen

Comprehensive, Law-Abiding Approach 

At ADK Lawyers, our debt recovery services are not just wide-ranging; they strictly adhere to the highest legal standards. We recognize the delicate nature of debt recovery and ensure every action is legally sound and ethically conducted. Our approach integrates legal expertise with a deep understanding of financial and commercial implications, providing a holistic solution to debt collection.

Team of Experienced Professionals 

Our team, composed of seasoned lawyers, brings a wealth of experience in debt collection. This expertise is further augmented by our exceptional communication and negotiation skills. We are adept at handling complex debt recovery scenarios and navigating the intricacies of each case with tact and professionalism. Our team's diverse background ensures a well-rounded perspective in every case we handle.

Focus on Amicable Solutions 

We firmly believe in exploring amicable and alternative solutions first in our debt recovery process. This approach is centered around maintaining and even strengthening business relationships between our clients and their debtors. By engaging in constructive dialogue and negotiation, we aim to arrive at mutually beneficial solutions, thereby conserving valuable time and resources for our clients.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness 

Efficiency is a key pillar in our method of operation. We understand that time is of the essence in debt recovery, and prolonged disputes can be resource-intensive. Therefore, our strategies are designed to achieve results in the most time-effective manner. We balance the need for swift resolution with the importance of thoroughness, ensuring no stone is left unturned in our pursuit of our client's interests.

Customized Debt Recovery Strategies 

Every case is unique, and so are our solutions. We tailor our debt recovery strategies to fit the specific needs and circumstances of each client. This personalized approach allows us to address the nuances of each case effectively, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Ethical and Professional Conduct 

Throughout our debt recovery efforts, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We respect the dignity of all parties involved and conduct our operations with integrity. This principled approach not only reinforces our commitment to legal compliance but also upholds our reputation as a law firm that values ethical practices.

Debt & Collection

Lawsuits & Disputes

Resolving Lawsuits & Disputes with Expertise

Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution Services 

Litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution form a core part of the services at ADK Lawyers. Our team excels in providing strategic dispute resolution plans, representing a diverse range of clients, including foreign investors and enterprises with investments in Vietnam. We focus on delivering outcomes that align with our client's best interests in various legal proceedings.

Debt Recovery: Professional and Law-Compliant 

ADK Lawyers offer specialized, comprehensive debt recovery services, fully aligned with legal standards. Our attorneys are highly experienced in debt collection and equipped with advanced communication and negotiation skills. Initially, our approach centers on amicable and alternative methods for recovering bad debts, thereby saving our clients' time and resources. When litigation becomes necessary, we engage closely with all involved parties to efficiently resolve disputes through appropriate legal channels. Understanding the importance of client-debtor relationships, our team ensures professionalism in all interactions.

Wide Spectrum of Dispute Resolution 

Our legal services in this area encompass a broad range of commercial disputes. These include, but are not limited to, business operation conflicts, partnership disagreements, and disputes involving investors and senior management, as well as urgent management crises. We handle contract disputes involving trade, franchising, and loans, and address intellectual property rights infringements, including issues related to trademarks, copyrights, patents, and commercial secrets in anti-unfair competition cases. Our expertise also covers common disputes related to product quality and labor.

Risk Assessment and Negotiation for Debt Recovery 

Part of our service includes assessing risks, proposing strategic options, and representing clients in effective negotiations with debtors. This holistic approach ensures that our clients receive comprehensive legal support tailored to their specific needs in disputes and debt recovery.

Class Action

Real Estate

Navigating Real Estate Investments in Vietnam with ADK Vietnam

Tackling Complex Real Estate Challenges 

Investing and developing real estate in Vietnam, even for seasoned multi-corporations, can be a complex endeavor. ADK Vietnam stands out with its team of experienced senior lawyers, who are well-connected with leading accounting and auditing firms, business leaders, and top investment funds. Our team is deeply knowledgeable about Vietnam's unique landscape, possessing valuable local resources and proficiency in international operations. We specialize in providing detailed and practical legal services to financial investors and developers, particularly in real estate and renewable energy – a sector increasingly pivotal to Vietnam's sustainable development goals.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Real Estate Ventures 

Our lawyers at ADK Vietnam have extensive experience in framing the establishment and mergers of real estate enterprises, both inside and outside industrial parks. We have advised large domestic real estate corporations and financial funds on compliance and new business models in Vietnam, offering end-to-end legal services and drafting all necessary agreements. Our team has also facilitated strategic cooperation between renowned Singaporean real estate developers and Vietnamese counterparts, covering everything from commercial negotiations to the establishment of infrastructure companies for comprehensive development projects, including industrial parks, residential areas, entertainment, and commercial zones.

Diverse Real Estate Legal Services 

The legal services provided by ADK Vietnam in this field are diverse and comprehensive:

  1. Designing investment strategies tailored for financial investors and developers, ensuring client benefits, legal compliance, and practical feasibility.
  2. Providing complete legal guidance throughout the project lifecycle, from bidding, construction, and pre-sale to post-sale warranties and estate management.
  3. Conducting due diligence for mergers of real estate enterprises in Vietnam, including risk management and legal advice.
  4. Assisting in negotiations for the establishment and mergers of real estate entities and drafting related agreements.
  5. Offering legal consultation on administrative approvals and project licensing.
  6. Advising on land use strategies, including acquisition through bidding, bankruptcy property purchases, project takeovers, or share transfers.
  7. Counseling clients on investment opportunities in Vietnam, with a focus on assisting in mergers and acquisitions, especially in the energy sector.
Commercial Real Estate
Housing, Construction & Development
Land Use & Zoning


Business Legal Services at ADK Vietnam

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Investment, and Corporate Advisory 

ADK Vietnam excels in providing legal services for international investors in Vietnam. Our lawyers, with their extensive experience and effective communication with authorities, offer top-tier legal solutions in the field of foreign capital M&A. Our services in this area include advising on state policies for foreign investments, legal due diligence of target companies, drafting and negotiating M&A contracts, liaising with authorities for administrative approvals, assisting foreign-invested enterprises with operational issues, and offering legal support for organizational restructuring and risk management.

Engineering, Construction & Real Estate Legal Services 

Navigating the complexities of real estate investment in Vietnam, even for experienced multi-corporations, requires expert guidance. ADK Vietnam's team of senior lawyers, well-connected with key industry players, provides in-depth legal services for financial investors and developers in real estate and renewable energy sectors. Our services cover investment scheme design, comprehensive legal advice throughout project phases, due diligence for real estate enterprise mergers, negotiation and drafting of related agreements, administrative approvals, and licensing, land use consultation, and advisory on investment opportunities in Vietnam, with a focus on energy sector mergers and acquisitions.

Administrative Licensing 

In the evolving landscape of administrative approvals, especially for foreign-invested enterprises, compliance remains crucial. ADK Lawyers' Licensing Practice Group, with its vast experience and strong relationships with administrative authorities, ensures the smooth acquisition of necessary approvals and licenses. Our services include assistance with enterprise establishment approvals, pre-approval processes, registrations with various government bodies, and acquiring operational licenses in specific sectors, including occupational safety.

Compliance and Corporate Governance 

As compliance gains importance among Vietnamese companies, ADK Vietnam offers expert legal services to help clients navigate legal obligations and reduce risks. Our corporate compliance services include establishing compliant corporate governance systems, updating clients on legal trends, internal compliance training, conducting compliance due diligence, managing internal non-compliance cases, and developing preventive measures to protect the company's reputation and image.

Banking & Finance
Accounting & Auditing
Health Care
Legal Document
Merger & Acquisition
Oil, Gas & Energy
Due Diligence
Communications & Media Law
Business Registration
Office Solutions

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Services at ADK Vietnam

Essential Role of Intellectual Property in Modern Commerce 

In today’s business landscape, the exploration and protection of intellectual property (IP) rights have become increasingly crucial. Often, intellectual property is a key consideration even before business transactions occur. At ADK Vietnam, our dedicated team of IP experts, boasting outstanding educational backgrounds and practical experience, provides comprehensive legal advice and implementation solutions for enterprises in Vietnam. Our expertise spans various IP areas including patents, trademarks, know-how, copyrights, commercial secrets, and e-commerce.

Comprehensive IP Legal Services ADK Vietnam offers a wide range of professional legal services in the field of intellectual property:

  • IP Rights Application and Registration: Assisting clients with the application and registration processes for various intellectual property rights.
  • Contract Drafting and Review: Handling contracts that involve intellectual property, such as development, service, and technology consultation and transfer agreements, patent and trademark licensing and transfer contracts, software development agreements, and advertising contracts.
  • Strategic IP Consultation: Advising enterprises on developing robust intellectual property rights strategies and protection systems.
  • IP in Commercial Transactions: Providing legal services for commercial transactions that involve intellectual property, including matters related to intellectual property in franchising, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and asset restructuring.
  • Legal Remedies Against IP Infringement: Assisting in seeking legal remedies to address and resolve intellectual property rights infringements.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense at ADK Vietnam Lawyers: Expert Guidance in Challenging Times

Expertise in Navigating the Criminal Justice Maze 

Dealing with criminal charges can be an overwhelming experience. At ADK Vietnam Lawyers, we understand the gravity of facing the criminal justice system and the importance of expert legal representation in such critical situations. Our role is to guide our clients through these challenging times with professionalism and precision. We aim to steer each case towards the calmest possible waters, working relentlessly to secure the most favorable outcomes for our clients.

What Clients Can Expect from Our Service

  • Unwavering Dedication to Case Analysis: We delve deeply into each case, driven by a relentless pursuit to uncover every relevant fact. Our approach is meticulous, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for information that could be pivotal in the defense. This thoroughness forms the backbone of our strategy, ensuring that we are fully equipped to represent our clients effectively.
  • Cumulative Experience and Legal Acumen: Our team, with nearly two decades of combined legal experience, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. This extensive experience is not just in years but in the breadth and depth of handling various complex cases. We pride ourselves on our profound understanding of criminal law and our ability to apply this knowledge creatively and effectively in each unique case. Our lawyers are skilled in interpreting the law, understanding its nuances, and utilizing this expertise to benefit our clients.
  • Personalized Legal Strategy: Recognizing that each case is unique, we tailor our legal strategies to suit the specific circumstances of each client. We take the time to understand the individual aspects of each case, ensuring that our defense strategy is not only robust but also personalized.
  • Commitment to Client's Rights and Best Interests: At the heart of our defense approach is a steadfast commitment to protecting our client's rights and interests. We advocate vigorously on behalf of our clients, ensuring that their voice is heard, and their rights are upheld throughout the legal process.
  • Strategic Advocacy and Negotiation: Our lawyers are not just skilled in courtroom advocacy but also in negotiation. We assess every opportunity for a favorable settlement or plea arrangement, always with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.
Arrests & Searches
Bail Bond Service
Criminal Litigation
Drug Crime
Drunk Driving
Juvenile Law
Speeding & Traffic Ticket
White Collar Crime
Sex Crime


Insurance Law Services at ADK Vietnam Lawyers

Comprehensive Advisory and Litigation Support. We provide specialized advisory and litigation services in the dynamic field of insurance, encompassing both general and life insurance, as well as reinsurance. Our expertise is broad, covering a wide array of practice areas within the insurance sector.

Areas of Specialization

  • General Insurance: Offering guidance on policies covering a range of general risks and eventualities.
  • Fire and Material Damage Insurance: Specializing in claims related to fire and other forms of material damage.
  • Life Insurance: Providing expertise in the nuances of life insurance policies and claims.
  • Motor Insurance: Advising on claims and disputes arising from motor vehicle insurance.
  • Industrial Insurance: Catering to the specific needs of industrial enterprises, covering risks associated with various industrial activities.
  • Maritime and Aviation Insurance: Dealing with the complexities of insurance in the maritime and aviation sectors, including cargo, hull, and liability coverages.
  • Construction Risk Insurance: Specializing in risks associated with construction projects, including coverage for delays, damages, and liabilities.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Assisting professionals in managing risks related to claims of negligence or malpractice.
  • Product Liability Insurance: Addressing claims arising from product-related injuries or damages.
  • Workmen’s Compensation Insurance: Providing guidance on claims related to workplace injuries and occupational hazards.

Diverse Clientele

Our client base is diverse, encompassing both local and international insurance companies, as well as businesses that require specialized advice on insurance-related matters and claims. We understand the unique challenges faced by each of our clients and provide tailored legal solutions to meet their specific needs.

Litigation and Arbitration Expertise

In matters of insurance claims, our firm is adept at representing clients in various legal settings. We handle litigation in courts, offering robust representation to ensure our clients' interests are protected. Additionally, we are skilled in arbitration proceedings, navigating the complexities of alternative dispute resolution to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.

Bad Faith Insurance
Health insurance
Insurance Defense
Insurance Fraud
Life Insurance

Media, Technology and Telecoms

Media, Technology, and Telecoms Legal Expertise at ADK Vietnam Lawyers

Regulatory Knowledge in Technology and Telecommunications 

Our firm boasts extensive knowledge in the regulatory aspects of the technology and telecommunications sectors. With our deep understanding of Vietnamese Communications laws and other related regulations, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive advice to clients on compliance and legal best practices in these rapidly evolving industries.

Areas of Service

  • Regulatory Compliance Advisory: Offering expert guidance on navigating the complex regulatory landscape in technology and telecommunications. This includes ensuring adherence to all Vietnamese Communications regulations and other relevant legal requirements.
  • Drafting of IT Agreements: Skillfully preparing and reviewing IT-related agreements. Our expertise encompasses a variety of contracts, ensuring they are legally sound and aligned with our client's specific needs.
  • E-commerce Platform Development and Implementation: Advising on legal considerations for the development and implementation of e-commerce platforms. We assist clients in understanding the legal framework that governs online commerce, helping them to build robust and compliant platforms.
  • IT Outsourcing Legal Support: Providing legal support for IT outsourcing arrangements. Our services include contract drafting, risk assessment, and advising on best practices for successful and legally compliant outsourcing relationships.
  • Navigating the Digital Economy: Assisting clients in understanding and managing the legal aspects of operating within the digital economy. This includes issues arising from digital contracts, data protection, and online transactions.

Diverse Clientele Our client base in this sector is diverse and includes:

  • Government Agencies: Assisting public sector entities in legal matters related to technology and telecommunications.
  • Financial Institutions: Offering legal support to banks and other financial organizations in their technology-related initiatives and compliance requirements.
  • IT Service Providers: Representing companies that provide a range of IT services, from software development to cloud-based solutions.
  • Insurance Companies: Advising insurance firms on technology-related matters, including digital transformation and cybersecurity.
  • Media Companies: Assisting media organizations in legal issues related to digital media, content licensing, and regulatory compliance.
  • Telecommunications Companies: Providing comprehensive legal services to telecom operators, including regulatory compliance, contract management, and dispute resolution.
Advertising and Marketing
Cyber Law, Data Privacy and Data Protection
Information Technology
Media and Entertainment
Technology Transactions
Telecommunications and Broadcast

Our Partners and Associates

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Le Tien Dat (Daniel)


Ho Thi Tram (Vera)

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Pham Thi Lan Huong (May)

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Lim Chor Ghee

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