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Naga Business Consulting are a dynamic team of professionals with many years of industry experience providing quality legal and business services in Thailand, to both foreign and local clients. Our team of Thai-qualified lawyers, accountants, and specialists are ready to help with reliable and professional advice. 

Just like the Naga, we aspire to be your business advisers and business guardians.

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We offer a wide range of Business Services

Naga Business Consulting aims to be your trusted business advisor in Thailand, to grow your business idea into a success.

Let us help you navigate through the labyrinth.

We are committed to providing practical, no-nonsense advice to our valued clients.

New Business Formation

Starting a new business in Thailand can be confusing. We have many years of experience getting start ups setup and running, and can help you make the right choice for your specific situation.

There are various types of business in Thailand which can be owned by an individual or jointly invested with other people as a group.

Business registration

Business operations in Thailand can be either under the name of a natural person or a juristic person.

Each type of legal entity:
1) needs to be registered with the relevant government office, and
2) registration requirements and time limits differ depending on the legal entity (eg, sole proprietorship registration is different from partnership registration or limited company registration).

On the other hand, lawful business registration in Thailand can help reduce the tax liability that is payable to the government.

Licensing Services

In Thailand, certain business categories require a specific license or permit. Doing business without such
licenses is illegal.

Examples of licenses needed to start a business in Thailand:

  • Food License
  • Alcohol License
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) License
  • Import/Export License
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) License


Business Visa
Dependent Visa
Permanent Residency
Retirement Visa
Work Permit

For Non-Thai Nationals who would like to lawfully stay, work, enter & exit the Kingdom of Thailand, carry on a business, and enjoy your time here in compliance with Thai laws, you need to have the correct visa.

At Naga Business Consulting, our Visa Team has years of experience handling visa requests, including these common visa applications.


Obtain your Business Visa and Work Permit

A foreigner who wants to work legally in Thailand has to apply for a visa under the Non-Immigrant Visa Category “B” (Business Visa). To work in Thailand, you first need a Business Visa and then you may apply for a Work Permit.

Under Thai law, a foreigner must have a Work Permit to legally work in Thailand. We can help with:

  • Application for Work Permit, renewals or the employers application (W.P 3) on behalf of their foreign employee;
  • Application for Addition or change of Locality of Work or Place of Work;
  • Application for Work Permit Cancellation.


Enjoy Family Life in the Land of Smiles

You may qualify for a Dependent Visa if you are a foreigner who has a family member (eg, spouse or child) working or studying in Thailand.

A Dependent Visa allows you to stay in Thailand for a much longer period than a typical tourist visa. However, this category of visa does not entitle you to apply for a Work Permit.

You are not allowed to work or conduct business in Thailand while on a Dependent Visa.


Retiring in Thailand: turn your Dream into Reality

Thailand is a peaceful country, with friendly local people, beautiful natural resources and tourist attractions
throughout the nation. As such, it is an attractive destination for foreigners looking for a retirement paradise.


Save Time and Travel Costs

Conversion of a Tourist Visa (a Visa status alteration) allows you to convert your Visa category (eg, changing from a Tourist Visa to a Business Visa) within Thailand, so there is no need to leave the country. This obviously saves time and travel costs.

To be eligible, you need to satisfy the requirements of the new Visa type you are requesting. Your Tourist Visa in Thailand must also be valid for at least 15 more calendar days from the date of application.

Employment & Labor

Labor Law

Naga Business Consulting can provide consultancy and advisory services with regard to your rights under Thai Labour Law.

We can help with your labour law matters. Here are 3 examples:

(1) Preparing company work rules and regulations in compliance with the Labour Protection Act for submission to the Thailand Ministry of Labour.

(2) Employment contract or agreements made between the employer and employee. A well-written employment contract can prevent and settle disputes which may arise in the future. 

We can draft your company regulations, employment contracts & other agreements between the employer and employee.

(3) Negotiation & settlement of employer & employee disputes.
If there is a dispute between the employer and employee, the disputing parties can contact the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare or the Labour Court to settle their labour dispute, but the procedure can take time to resolve.

We can act as an independent middleman to negotiate, compromise and settle a dispute between the employer and employee. This can include coordination with the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare or the Labour Court. Our aim is to arrive at the best solution for the disputing parties.



Child Custody
Child Support
Child Visitation
Collaborative Law
Divorce & Separation

Because your family is important and because you have rights in Thailand, Naga Business Consulting can assist and advise you through these important and challenging matters.


Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriages within Thailand can be registered at any District Office. Each office’s requirements regarding supporting documents and processing times may be slightly different. Some offices are more familiar registering international marriages. We can help point you in the right direction.

If one spouse is a Non-Thai national, their Embassy should provide an affidavit/affirmation of freedom to
marry and a certified copy of their passport. These documents need to be translated into Thai and legalized by the Department of Consular Affairs for effective marriage registration in Thailand.


Protecting property acquired before and after marriage in Thailand

Property acquired before marriage

Spouses can make a prenuptial agreement covering their personal property acquired before marriage. The personal property of each party will then remain their property after marriage. However, the prenuptial agreement must be recorded in the Marriage Register to be valid under Thai law.

Property acquired after marriage

After the spouses have registered their marriage, they can make an agreement to determine who has the authority to handle property acquired before and after marriage.


Divorce in Thailand

A divorce can be registered at the district office where the couple originally registered their marriage.

We offer coordinating services with the government offices relating to divorce registration (eg, with the registrar of divorce registration, the Department of Consular Affairs).

If requested by a client, we can act as a reliable translator & interpreter during the course of divorce
proceedings between Thai and Non-Thai nationals. We treat all such sensitive discussions in absolute confidence.

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