TLT Legal is a professional law firm with legal advisory and litigation practices, specialized in corporate, commercial, labor, tax and assurance in Vietnam. The specialization allows us to focus all the best on our strengths to serve our clients in the best possible way.

TLT Legal has a team of lawyers and legal experts with many years of practice experience, especially deep understanding of the legal system and business environment in Vietnam. We are so proud of being a team of individuals who have worked together for years and have stable human resources to run our business.


Founded in 2020

10 people in their team

Practice areas
Employment & Labor
Lawsuits & Disputes

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Practice areas


Business Registration
Due Diligence
Legal Document
Merger & Acquisition
New Business Formation

Foreign investment consultancy is an important service that TLT Legal regularly provides clients. Therefore, we pay high attention to this practice area.

Vietnam is increasingly opening up and welcoming investment capital flows from abroad. However, investing in Vietnam has never been easy for foreign investors. TLT Legal is experienced in investment consultancy in Vietnam. We propose a variety of market approaches, and help clients could choose the most suitable investment way to enter the Vietnamese market. In addition, we are always handy to accompany with investors throughout the doing business course in Vietnam.

We are so proud of our investment consultancy services, include:

  • Applying for investment certificate and business licenses;
  • Setting up a foreign-owned enterprises;
  • Advising business cooperation and establishment of joint-ventures;
  • Establishing branches and representative offices of foreign companies;
  • Consultancy on expanding business activities in Vietnam;
  • To advise investment through the purchase of shares, charter capital of domestic companies;
  • Consultancy on organizational structure;
  • Corporate governance system assessment;
  • Drafting and developing of internal rules and regulations;
  • Consultancy on mergers and acquisitions, transformation enterprise form;
  • To advise business activities, tax, labor and commercial dispute after establishment of foreign-owned enterprises.


Employment & Labor

Employment Rights
Labor Law

Our lawyer team of labor and employment assists a number of clients to ensure compliance with labor laws in Vietnam. We offer a range of specialized legal services in the field of labor, including from internal document development, compliance counseling, representing clients to participate in negotiation, mediation and litigation in court.

1. Consultancy on compliance with labor law

We review, advise and draft internal documents of businesses, including:

  • Labor regulations;
  • Labor contracts;
  • Internal management regulations;
  • Commitments and labor agreements;
  • Disciplinary decision;

We conduct employment procedure check and review documents to ensure client is compliant with Vietnamese labor law, for example:

  • Process of labor discipline;
  • Process of signing, modifying, terminating of labor contract;
  • Process of dispute resolution;
  • Restructure the enterprise, reorganize labor and wages;

2. To protect and secure the rights and interests of clients in court

If there is a dispute between businesses and employees, we will accompany with clients to work together to achieve the best results. We prioritize reconciliation to minimize settlement costs. On the other hand, we could participate in appointing representative and appointing attorney to protect and secure the rights and interests of clients in court. Our services include:

  • Advice on the direction of labor dispute settlement;
  • To participate in protection clients rights in the state authorities;
  • Representing clients and appointing attorney to protect clients rights in court;


Insurance Defense
Life Insurance

Insurance is a specific business sector, and litigation related to this area is always complicated. TLT Legal has several lawyers who are very experience in the insurance industry. We have involved reconciling and resolving disputes in many insurance claim relating to motor vehicle insurance, credit insurance, construction insurance, guarantee insurance, fire insurance and life insurance.

We are definitely be able to consult and support clients in the following service areas:

  • Advising and supporting clients dealing with stakeholders whenever arising insurance claim;
  • Representing and appointing lawyers to participate in resolving insurance claim;
  • Representing and appointing lawyers to protect client’s interests in litigation at court.

Lawsuits & Disputes

ADR Mediation & Arbitration
Class Action

TLT Legal will represent and/or appoint a attorney to negotiate, reconcile and protect the rights and interests of clients in commercial arbitration or court

Commercial dispute resolution is a strength of TLT Legal. As we regularly advise clients on business-related issues, we have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of contracts and trade.

Our services are not limited to settlement of disputes, we also advise clients on building up mechanisms to prevent potential disputes and minimize potential damages.

In the course of legal practice, TLT Legal has advised and appointed attorney to protect the rights and legal interests of many clients in court and commercial arbitration.

Our strengths include:

  • Consulting on drafting commercial contracts, business co-operation contracts, investment contracts;
  • Analyzing and evaluating strong and weak points of the parties in the dispute and advising on resolution;
  • Advising on the preparation of responses to disputes;
  • Consulting, representing clients in negotiating and mediating disputes;
  • Setting up the file for dispute resolution in commercial arbitration or court;
  • Representing and/or appointing attorneys to protect clients’ rights and legal interests in commercial arbitration or courts;
  • Advising, coordinating with the State authorities to take measures to distraint properties, to blockade bank accounts.

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