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Hammond and Associates which now carries on business under the name Hammond Partnership has been present on the Romanian legal market since 1990. The Firm has through that time developed into what today is an acknowledged legal firm in Romania which provides comprehensive legal services to both national and international clients in a great variety of industries.

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Founded in 2004

50 people in their team

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Practice areas


Corporate and M&A

Our corporate and M&A experience is reflected in the services and work we have provided to a wide range of clients in various industries in Romania. A representative sample of such services is set out below:

  • Incorporating companies for international and local investors.
  • Working with a potential investor on acquisition of Romanian quoted company and conducting initial negotiations.
  • Providing initial due diligence information to foreign investor in relation to acquisition of photovoltaic business.
  • Assisting in respect of structuring of acquisition transaction in the environmental field.
  • Supporting and advising Dutch company on acquisition of a minority interest in a Romanian software company.
  • Advising international thermal generation company on legal requirements and provisional structuring of joint venture.
  • Structuring floating loan note agreement in respect of development loan to Romanian company.
  • Legal assistance for shareholders in the sale of the capital stock of a financial agency to a foreign investor.
  • Legal assistance for an international company in connection with the acquisition of a Romanian companies for the outsourcing of IT services prior to the takeover bid in England.
  • Legal assistance to a foreign investment fund for the proposed investment in an energy company in Romania, which included providing advice on complex international tax planning issues.
  • Legal assistance regarding the transfer of the majority share package to a Romanian financial services company.
  • Assisting US based investment fund on restructuring its investments in Romania.
  • Providing legal support on the disposal of the share capital of a number of local investors to foreign investor.
  • Advising technology company on structuring of investment in Romania.
  • Assisting French IT company on acquisition of major Romanian IT company being the largest transaction of that nature at the time.
  • Advising US IT company on acquisition of Romanian assets of a major worldwide international IT company.
  • Legal assistance for an international investment bank in the acquisition of a health service provider in Romania.
  • Legal assistance provided to a UK investor in the acquisition of subsidiaries in Romania, including detailed tax advice and legal opinions regarding the structuring of the business.
  • Legal advice for foreign investors, shareholders in a Romanian company about an initial public offer on an international stock exchange.
  • Legal assistance for a foreign investment fund with respect to the reorganization of its interests in a Romanian insurance company and restructuring of the group and the transfer of shares.
  • Advising on setting up international tax structure in relation to investment in Romanian manufacturing company.
  • Advising local investor in relation to restructuring holdings in local companies to obtain EU funding.
Banking & Finance
Business Registration
Legal Document
Merger & Acquisition
New Business Formation
Office Solutions
Oil, Gas & Energy

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property

Our lawyers have experience in copyright and patent law as well as registration of and defense of Trademarks both at a local and international level. Our services have included:

  • Registration of Trademarks for local and international clients in Romania with the Romanian Trademark office and with the European Trademark Registry.
  • Appearing before the Romanian Trademark Registry on refusal of marks and on clarification issues.
  • Conducting arbitration proceedings in respect of use of Trademark by unauthorized persons and enforcing trademark registrations.
  • Advising clients companies purchasing Romania companies on Trademark protection and validity of Trademarks.
  • Reviewing written texts including books in respect of copyright and possible defamation issues.
  • Advising Romania clients in respect of validity of international Copyright in relation to both the written and spoken word.
  • Assisting client in establishing electronic lending library.
  • Advising client in respect of copyright issues concerning music publication.
  • Review of GDPR regulations in relation to web-site sales and terms and conditions of trading.

Employment & Labor


Employment issues are for many companies an issue where our Romanian legal advice and assistance is regularly sought. Our Romanian lawyers who deal with employment matters are used to dealing with issues that arise especially regarding non-EU citizens. Below are some representative matters of our experience in the field of employment law and the services we have provided.

  • Advising international tech development company on requirements of Romanian employment law and ensuring company is compliant with international employment legislation.
  • Assisting local employers in relation to obtaining work permits and visas in relation to non-EU citizens who wish to work in Romania.
  • Advising as part of a international team of lawyers a multinational company in relation to the transfer of Romanian work force to new company in Romania and attending o all registration and licensing details.
  • Drafting for international service provider employment contracts for short - and long-term employees in Romania.
  • Considering and advising on visa and work permit requirements for employees in Romanian companies.
  • Representing foreign employee in relation to termination of international and local contract and negotiation settlement.
  • Consulting and coordinating redundancy of Romanian employees on closure of business in Romania.
  • Drafting share option and share purchase scheme for Romanian employees.
  • Drafting bonus schemes for Romanian client.
  • Advising potential foreign investor in relation to provisions of Transfer of Undertaking Provisions in Romania.
  • Advising on leasing requirements in relation to individual workers.
  • Advising foreign investor in relation to Romanian employment law and transfer of foreign employees to Romania.
Employment Rights
Hiring & Firing
Job Discrimination
Labor Law
Sexual Harassment
Social Security
Wage & Hour
Wrongful Termination

Bankruptcy & Debt

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Our lawyers have been involved in bankruptcy and insolvency matters acting for creditors and insolvent companies. We have assisted in relation to recovery of money and assets as well as defending claims. We have assisted liquidators in respect of the disposal of assets as well as considering work-outs.

  • Involved in advising major bank on security of assets and assisting debtor in repayment procedures.
  • Involved in more than 40 insolvency cases, acting on behalf of the creditors providing assistance on the debt recovery.
  • Considering assets and possible solutions in respect of debtor’s businesses and reviewing contracts to ensure maximum recovery.
  • Working and assessing the creditors’ possibilities to recover the amounts due.
  • Legal assistance to foreign investor on insolvency procedure in relation to Romanian advertising company.
  • Attending and representing both Creditors and debtors in insolvency court proceedings.
  • Representing creditors in the Creditors meeting/ Creditor committee to protect their interest.
  • Assessing the feasibility of the reorganization plan and monitoring their implementation.
  • Identifying potential liabilities of directors and shareholders of the debtor.
  • Advising multiple international Insurance companies in relation to insolvency of the largest Romanian insurance company.
  • Legal assistance to foreign investor in relation to liquidation of Romanian property company.
Credit Repair
Debt & Collection



Our lawyers have been involved in the development of the insurance industry in Romania and have been involved in multiple projects. Such projects include

  • Acting for investors on incorporation of a Romanian insurance company including all regulatory advice.
  • Assisting in negotiations with Romanian Financial Services Agency.
  • Setting up a Romanian private Pension company.
  • Representing directors of Romanian insurance companies before the Romanian Insurance Regulator and in subsequent court proceedings.
  • Liaising between client and Romanian Insurance Regulator on requirements under Romanian law and observing the regulations.
  • Advising on sale of Romanian pension company to international investor.
  • Advising international insurance company in respect of sale of policies in Romania.
  • Assisting on restructuring of Insurance company in Romania.
  • Advising local insurance brokerage house in relation to required legislation.
  • Acting on sale of pension policies issued in accordance with the Romanian legislation.
  • Reviewing insurance requirements and insurance policies in respect of aircraft insurance by local carrier.
  • Legal Assistance and advice to French insurance company in respect of claims made on property fire damage to Romanian properties.
  • Advising and representing for a former employee of a major insurance company regarding proceedings against the local regulator.
  • Acting for employee of insurance company in respect of issues with the Romanian insurance regulator including direct discussions and successfully defending proceedings.
  • Reviewing insurance requirements in respect of banking and security documentation.
  • Acting for local pension company in relation to transfer of clients from another insurance company and consolidation.
  • Acting for insurance company in relation to administrative matters and correspondence with the insurance commission.
  • Acting for prospective investor in acquisition of shares in Romanian insurance company including documentary legal due diligence and review of re-insurance contracts.
  • Advising local insurance broker as to requirements of relevant legislation and requirements of the insurance supervisory commission.
  • Acting for international aircraft lessor in relation to leasing to a local flag carrier airline including reviewing insurance requirements and policy documentation.
  • Acting for major financiers and credit insurance companies in relation to loans made to Governmental institutions.
  • Advising potential investors in relation to the incorporation and setting up of both general and life insurance companies in Romania including negotiations with the supervisory commission.
  • Acting for international re-insurance company in relation to recovery of debts from previous state insurance companies.
  • Acting for international insurance company regarding the regulations and approvals required under Romanian insurance law as well as claims handling and payments in Romania.
Bad Faith Insurance
Health insurance
Insurance Defense
Insurance Fraud
Life Insurance

Real Estate

Real Estate and Construction

We have provided advice in relation to Romanian Real estate matters as well as advising on building contracts and property development. Transactions have included.

  • Acting on the purchase of a Romanian castle for use as a hotel.
  • Providing advice and assistance to foreign investor on possibility of building projects in Romania.
  • Advising tenants in relation to dispute with their landlords.
  • Review of building contracts and planning applications in relation to development of property.
  • Acting for housing association in connection with disputes with owners of properties in the Association.
  • Advising non-Romanian foreign investment fund on land acquisition and property purchase in relation assembly of residential development site.
  • Advising foreign investor upon security of property to be purchased in Romania.
  • Advising local construction company in relation to estate development and construction contracts.
  • Advising members of a consortium in relation to preparation of documentation in relation to public tenders in the construction field.
  • Advising international developer on provisions of contract signed with the Romanian state.
  • Advising Property Management company of requirements under Romanian law in respect of its business as well as the liability of the developer.
  • Providing legal advice and assistance to local architects in relation to contractual obligations.
  • Advising local project management company on legal construction requirements.
  • Reviewing and advising a professional client on the terms and conditions in relation to proposed office premises.
  • Preparing and drafting a lease for a multinational tenant in respect of proposed offices.
  • Acting for develop in structuring site for development of low cost housing.
  • Advising international architectural group on legal matters in relation to building and architectural contracts as well as general matters in relation to the business of architects in Romania.
  • Advising local consortium in relation to tendering in respect of PPP for the construction of a municipal hospital in Romania.
  • Assistance in all stages of real transactions: due diligence analysis of the target property or company, drafting various documents including shareholder agreements, sale and purchase agreements, as well as post-closing documentation (price statements, registration procedures with the Land Register.
Commercial Real Estate
Housing, Construction & Development
Land Use & Zoning
Landlord & Tenant


Family Law

We have wide experience in family in matters ranging from international child custody and divorce to succession and inheritance. We are aware of the stresses that divorce can put on our clients and seek to minimise that stress where possible. We often deal with matters relating to children and their residence with one or both parents. Our Romanian lawyers are experienced in dealing with applications under the Hague Convention on Child Abduction and enforcing the return of children as ordered by the relevant courts. We also advise and assist in relation to inheritance matters in respect of Romanian inheritance and inheritance in other jurisdictions. We also assist in matters where nonresident Romanians have died and left assets in Romania. Examples of relevant experience include,

  • Drafting for use in UK courts opinions in relation to custody and citizenship of Romanian children born/adopted in the United Kingdom.
  • Legal assistance to foreign national in relation to assets in Romania following dissolution of marriage.
  • Advising wife on recovery and ownership of assets following death of husband during divorce proceedings including dispute with children from a previous relationship.
  • Legal assistance in respect of criminal proceedings against Romanian citizen who had unlawfully brought child into Romania.
  • Assisting clients in enforcing custody orders in relation to child retained in Romania against the wishes of the parent to whom custody had been granted.
  • Working with expatriate investors on inheritance and will in relation to assets inside Romania and in Western Europe.
  • Advised a client concerning the mismanagement of collection of inheritance accounts in Romania.
  • Obtaining for United Kingdom local authorities orders in relation to child custody matters and obtained relevant court orders.
  • Restructuring Romanian company on death of principal shareholder and ensuring transfer of assets to the beneficiaries.
  • Obtaining for foreign national Romanian nationality and citizenship by succession and ancestry.
  • Advising in relation to custody and applicable law in case relating to claim by UK grand parents to be granted custody of Romanian grandchild.
  • Assisting non-Romanian persons entitled to claim in estate of Romanian relative who had died without a will.
  • Assisting in identifying assets in Romania in respect of monetary claim in English court proceedings.
  • Providing legal assistance and issuing opinions of Romanian law in respect of assets owned by nonresidents following death and advising on succession requirements.
  • Assisting non-Romanians in respect of divorce requirements in Romania.
Child Abuse
Child Custody
Child Support
Child Visitation
Divorce & Separation
Domestic Violence

Lawsuits & Disputes

Litigation and Arbitration

We have extensive experience in local and international Romanian cross border litigation and arbitration at all levels including the Romanian Supreme Court. Many of our clients are foreign law firms seeking assistance in enforcing judgements against Romanian companies and individuals obtained in foreign courts. Examples of our experience have included the following:

  • Conduction litigation in respect of multiple claims based on beach of contract and actions in Romania.
  • Representing individuals entitled to recover land and property illegally taken by the Communist regime.
  • Obtaining recognition of and enforcing registration of foreign judgments in Romania.
  • Arbitration proceedings on behalf of foreign client in respect of international dispute concerning engineering contracts in Romania.
  • Representing an international insurance company in respect of a claim brought against one of its clients in the Romanian courts.
  • Acting in an arbitration proceeding between partners on closure of partnership.
  • Enforcement of decisions of a foreign court under the rules of The Hague Convention for international law firms.
  • Acting for a local office of an insurance company in relation to a dispute with the Insurance Supervisory body in Romania.
  • Representing major international contractor in relation to its dispute with the Romanian state concerning unpaid invoices.
  • Advising and acting for foreign investor in relation to claim by Romanian state in respect of claim by the Romanian state of lands and forests properly transferred.
  • Advising UK international building contractor on contract with Romanian authorities and advising on terms of enforcement and recovery of monies due.
  • Acting for Receiver in Bankruptcy for recovery of assets of the debtor in Romania.
  • Assisting insurance companies in relation to claims under insurance contracts.
  • Defending foreign administrators in respect of claims brought by creditors on liquidation of Romanian companies.
  • Advising on construction contracts in relation to buildings being constructed in Romania.
  • Conducting litigation on behalf of flight claim companies in courts throughout Romania.
  • Acting for international consultant in relation to recovery of unpaid invoices from the Romanian state.
  • Advising and assisting Romanian company in respect of claim breach of contract in respect of goods not sold and delivered.
  • Advising in respect of enforcement of foreign guarantees in relation to Romanian company in the food industry.
  • Providing legal assistance in respect of claim for dames and losses resulting from marine accident.
ADR Mediation & Arbitration
Class Action

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