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Iorgulescu-Legal, situated in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, epitomizes excellence in legal service. Our firm is unwavering in its commitment to deliver superior legal counsel, specializing in Dispute Resolution, Immigration & Citizenship, and Corporate Law. Our distinguished team boasts extensive knowledge across these core areas, underpinned by a profound understanding of the Romanian legal framework. This expertise is our cornerstone, allowing us to devise strategic solutions and consistently secure remarkable client outcomes.

Our practice areas encompass:

  1. Dispute Resolution: We handle a diverse range of disputes, including commercial, fiscal, administrative, competition, and employment issues. Our approach is tailored to navigate the complexities of each case, ensuring thorough and effective representation.
  2. Immigration and Citizenship: Our services are comprehensive, covering everything from short and long-stay visas to residence permits. We provide meticulous legal support in preparing and filing documentation for Romanian citizenship applications, guiding clients through every step of the process.
  3. Corporate Law: Our expertise extends to forming various types of companies, coupled with guidance in procuring the necessary licenses and authorizations. We excel in assessing potential commercial litigation risks and recommend proactive measures to address them.

Languages spoken at Iorgulescu-Legal include English, French, Spanish, and Romanian, enabling us to cater to a diverse client base. Our client-centric approach focuses on understanding and meeting your unique legal needs with precision and care. At Iorgulescu-Legal, we don’t just offer legal advice; we forge partnerships grounded in trust and exceptional legal expertise.

About Iorgulescu-Legal

Founded in 2010

20 people in their team

Practice areas
Intellectual Property
Bankruptcy & Debt
Lawsuits & Disputes

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Practice areas


Immigration Services at Iorgulescu-Legal

At Iorgulescu-Legal, we take pride in being among the select group of experts specializing in offering comprehensive legal assistance and representation for those seeking Romanian citizenship. Our approach is thorough and personalized, ensuring that each client receives tailored support throughout the entire citizenship process. This includes a detailed case analysis, eligibility assessment, meticulous preparation of application documents, and submission to the National Citizenship Authority. Beyond this, we also assist in acquiring Romanian civil registry documents and the Romanian passport, making the journey to citizenship as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our immigration services are extensive, covering a wide array of needs:

  1. Short Stay Visas: Catering to various purposes, we assist with visas for:
      - Business-related travel
      - Tourism
      - Participation in sport activities
      - Engagement in cultural, scientific, or humanitarian events
      - Short-duration medical treatments
      - Other specific activities
  2. Long Stay Visas and Residence Permits: We offer expert guidance and support for obtaining long-stay visas and residence permits, suitable for various purposes such as:
      - Commercial activities or business ventures
      - Professional activities, including self-employed or freelance work
      - Employment-based stays (with work contracts)
      - Educational pursuits, including studies at various academic institutions
      - Engagements in scientific research

At Iorgulescu-Legal, we understand that navigating immigration laws and processes can be complex and daunting. Our team is dedicated to providing clear, concise, and effective guidance, ensuring that our clients' journeys towards Romanian citizenship or residency are as seamless and successful as possible. We stand by our clients at every step, committed to delivering exceptional legal services with a personal touch.

Business Visa
Permanent Residency
Retirement Visa
Work Permit
Dependent Visa

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Services

Iorgulescu-Legal's Intellectual Property (IP) practice is comprehensive, encompassing all facets of IP law. We understand the critical importance of intellectual property in today's fast-paced and innovative business environment. Our team is dedicated to providing expert legal services across a broad spectrum of IP-related matters, ensuring robust protection and management of our clients' intellectual creations and assets.

Our areas of expertise include:

  1. Copyright: We offer thorough guidance and legal assistance in protecting original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works.
  2. Patents: Our services extend to the protection of inventions, helping clients secure patents that safeguard their innovative products and processes.
  3. Trademarks: We specialize in the registration, protection, and enforcement of trademarks, assisting businesses in safeguarding their brand identity and reputation.
  4. Designs: Our team provides legal advice on the protection of both registered and unregistered design rights, ensuring the unique appearance of a product is legally protected.
  5. Domain Names: We understand the importance of online presence and offer legal services related to the acquisition, protection, and dispute resolution of domain names.
  6. Indications of Geographical Origin: We assist in protecting names or signs used on products that correspond to a specific geographical location or origin, which is a key aspect of brand identity for many businesses.
  7. Trade Secrets: Our firm offers strategies and legal solutions for the protection of confidential business information, or trade secrets, from misappropriation or unauthorized disclosure.

At Iorgulescu-Legal, we combine our deep knowledge of Romanian and international IP laws with a strategic approach to offer our clients personalized and effective IP solutions. Whether you are an individual creator, a start-up, or a multinational corporation, our team is equipped to handle the complexities of your intellectual property needs, ensuring your innovations and creative works are adequately protected and leveraged for your benefit.



Business and Corporate Law Services at Iorgulescu-Legal

Iorgulescu-Legal offers a comprehensive suite of business and corporate law services, adeptly handling the multifaceted legal needs of companies across various sectors. Our practice is grounded in a deep understanding of the legal intricacies of corporate operations and transactions in Romania. We provide tailored solutions that align with our client's business objectives and the evolving corporate landscape.

Our Corporate Law services include:

  1. Company Registrations: Expert assistance in the formation and registration of all types of companies and commercial entities, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  2. Licensing and Authorization: Guidance in obtaining the necessary licenses and authorizations for specific business activities.
  3. Commercial Contracts**: Proficient in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing a wide range of commercial agreements to safeguard our clients' interests.
  4. Commercial Litigation Risk Assessment: Evaluating potential litigation risks and advising on proactive strategies to mitigate such risks.
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Our practice excels in handling various types of M&A transactions, with a focus on:
      - Direct mergers
      - Cash-for-assets transactions
      - Change of control transactions, including strategies for both executing and defending against hostile takeovers
      - Triangular mergers
      - Divestitures and spin-offs
  6. Corporate Governance: We offer comprehensive services in corporate governance, including:
      - Crafting bespoke corporate governance policies aligned with an organization’s core values and Romanian regulations
      - Harmonizing the policies of Group member companies with Romanian corporate governance standards
      - Planning executive compensation
      - Risk assessment and management strategies
      - Ensuring compliance with corporate governance standards
      - Providing secretarial services for corporate governance matters

At Iorgulescu-Legal, we are committed to providing top-tier legal services that enable businesses to thrive and navigate the complexities of corporate law with confidence. Our team's expertise in Romanian and international corporate law, combined with a client-centric approach, ensures that we deliver solutions that are not only legally sound but also strategically aligned with our clients' business goals.

New Business Formation
Merger & Acquisition
Legal Document
Health Care
Due Diligence
Banking & Finance
Business Registration
Communications & Media Law
Oil, Gas & Energy

Bankruptcy & Debt

Bankruptcy and Debt Services

In the intricate realm of bankruptcy and debt, Iorgulescu-Legal provides comprehensive legal assistance and representation, particularly tailored for businesses facing insolvency risks or navigating ongoing insolvency proceedings. Our practice in this domain is extensive, addressing a spectrum of challenges and intricacies associated with corporate insolvency.

Our services in the area of Bankruptcy and Debt include:

  1. Defense Against Insolvency Petitions: We offer robust legal strategies to defend companies against insolvency petitions, working closely with our clients to navigate through these complex situations.
  2. Representation of Creditors: Our expertise includes representing creditors during insolvency proceedings, including active participation in creditor committees. We ensure that creditors' rights are effectively represented and protected throughout the process.
  3. Board Member Liability Limitation: We provide guidance and legal strategies to limit the liability of board members in the context of insolvency, aiming to mitigate risks and protect personal and professional interests.
  4. Advising and Representing Insolvent Debtors: Our team offers comprehensive advice and representation for insolvent debtors, helping them to understand their rights and options, and navigate the insolvency process with informed strategies.
  5. Pre-packed Insolvency Solutions: We specialize in pre-packed insolvency arrangements, a proactive approach that involves negotiating a reorganization or liquidation plan with creditors before formally filing for bankruptcy. This method can often lead to more favorable outcomes for all parties involved.

At Iorgulescu-Legal, we understand the challenges and pressures that businesses face in situations of financial distress. Our approach is to provide empathetic yet assertive legal guidance, ensuring that our client's interests are safeguarded and their legal rights upheld during these trying times. Whether you are a creditor seeking to recover debts or a company grappling with insolvency risks, our team is equipped with the expertise and experience to guide you through every step of the process.

Debt & Collection

Lawsuits & Disputes

Lawsuits and Dispute Resolution

At Iorgulescu-Legal, our extensive litigation experience and in-depth understanding of the Romanian legal system position us to provide highly effective solutions, achieving exceptional outcomes in a variety of legal disputes. We adopt a straightforward approach, thoroughly assessing each case to give our clients a clear understanding of their position, including an analysis of risks, costs, and potential timelines related to litigating or defending a claim.

Our approach is holistic, considering all avenues of resolution. While we recognize that going to trial may not always align with our client's best interests, we are committed to exploring every possibility for an amicable settlement. However, when settlement is not the optimal choice or is unfeasible, our team is fully prepared to assertively defend our client's claims in court.

Our litigation department specializes in a range of disputes, including but not limited to:

  1. Commercial Disputes: Addressing conflicts arising from business operations, contracts, and commercial transactions.
  2. General Civil Disputes: Handling a wide array of civil litigation matters.
  3. Fiscal Disputes: Expertise in resolving disputes involving tax laws and regulations.
  4. Administrative Disputes: Managing conflicts with governmental or regulatory bodies.
  5. Competition Disputes: Addressing issues related to antitrust laws and fair competition practices.
  6. Real Estate Disputes: Resolving conflicts arising from property rights, transactions, and developments.
  7. Employment Disputes: Handling cases involving employment contracts, workplace disputes, and labor laws.
  8. Insolvency and Liquidation: Assisting in disputes related to bankruptcy proceedings and company liquidations.
  9. Family Law: Addressing sensitive legal matters related to family relationships, including divorce, custody, and support issues.

Our dedicated team at Iorgulescu-Legal is committed to providing comprehensive legal services, ensuring that each case is managed with the utmost professionalism, diligence, and a tailored strategy to meet the specific needs of our clients. We strive to navigate the complexities of each dispute with a focus on achieving the best possible outcome, whether through negotiation, settlement, or vigorous representation in court.

ADR Mediation & Arbitration
Class Action

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