Othello is a translation and legal service company based in the Kingdom of Thailand. We specialize in Thai-English แปล eng เป็น ไทย translation services and legal services.

Our in-house linguists and lawyers are all top university graduates who are native Thai speakers, bilingual in English, and accustomed to assisting businesses with their translation needs. Our workforce is active and well-versed in a variety of various facets of the industry. 




Well-established Thai law firm founded in 2020 in Bangkok. The boutique law firm, Othello  provides 5 full licensed legal services. Our clients can be assured they are obtaining the appropriate legal advice pertaining to their interests.


Immigration Services


We offer a full Immigration assistance service to all foreigners who are wanting to live and work in the  Land Of Smiles be this to conduct or starting a business business, retirement or settling in Thailand with your wife. We also provide full assistance with obtaining foreign visas for Thais and resident expats alike.

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Retirement Visa
  • Permanent Residence
  • Marriage Visa(NonO)
  • Dependent Visa(NonO)
  • Education Visa(NonEd)
  • Thai Citizenship
  • Work Permit
  • US Fiancee Visa
  • US Spouse Visa
  • Australian Visa

Business Services


With our extensive corporate and business services conducted by our well-trained local and foreign staff we can ensure the accurate registration of your Thai businesses. Call us today about starting your business in Thailand. Allow us to not only register your Thai business but also register your new Thai business for corporate tax and VAT not forgetting the Social Security registration.

  • Company Registration
  • Banking Support
  • Accounting
  • Tax Registration
  • License Acquisition
  • VAT Registration
  • Social Security
  • Payroll Services
  • Intellectual Property
  • Tax Payments
  • Financial Reporting
  • Income Tax Payments

Property Services


At Othello  we have fully qualified property attorneys as well as conveyancers who can assist you with your real estate purchases while in the Kingdom of Thailand. This can be a condo unit or a villa or house or any piece of land which you are purchasing.

  • Property Acquisition
  • Title Search
  • Escrow Services
  • Notary Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Contracts Review
  • Superficies
  • DisputeSettlement
  • Property Registration
  • Usufruct
  • Agreements



Professional Legal Translation

Legal translation focuses on the translation of documents pertaining to the law and legislation in force in each country. Legal translation involves a high degree of specialization and specificity, due to the relevance of legal texts, whether it is in the area of local government or private practice.

A very important aspect, as mentioned above, is taking into account the legislation in force in each country. For this reason, Othello has professional translators, but above all, native english and Thai speakers in the target languages, with experience in the sector and extensive knowledge of key aspects of their country’s laws, with the aim of ensuring the quality and validity of the translations.

In a globalized world, companies need to share documents with their headquarters, suppliers, customers, etc. For a solidly contractual and trustworthy relationship between each of these actors, it is essential for the legal translation of the documents that companies and clients exchange to be clear and precise. At Othello, we can help you make your international relations smooth and accurate.

Among our main areas of specialization, we may highlight our translations of:

  • Contracts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Commercial law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual and industrial property
  • Tax documents
  • Civil law documents
  • Criminal law documents
  • Etc.

Founded in 2020

20 people in their team

Practice areas
Intellectual Property
Employment & Labor
Media, Technology and Telecoms

Languages spoken

Social media

Practice areas


Business Visa
Dependent Visa
Permanent Residency
Retirement Visa
Work Permit

Need a Thailand Business, Retirement, Marriage or an Education Visa? Othello Team of Immigration Solicitors Are Here To Help


There are many reasons to make Thailand your next stop or your next home, from affordable living costs to countless business or professional opportunities. Othello can help make this a reality with our team of immigration attorneys providing you with the best possible visa options and assistance for your Visa application. 

Intellectual Property


Othello IP lawyers and attorneys have represented foreign and Thai companies on IP prosecution and IP litigation in Thailand and abroad.


Intellectual property is invaluable for all kinds of industries, especially in this digital era.  Sources of competitiveness have been shifting to knowledge-based factors of production.  In this new knowledge-based economy, intangible assets, including inventions, designs, innovative ideas, branding, and know-how, have become central business assets.  Creating, protecting, utilizing and enforcing your intellectual property rights are crucial to the success of your business.


Business Registration
Legal Document
New Business Formation
Office Solutions

Setting a Business in Thailand


A company registration in Thailand is more complicated than in many other countries due to the restrictions on foreign ownership. There are ways to protect the foreign interest when setting up the company, and so you are best advised to consult with a law firm before set up to make sure you are proceeding in a way that gives you security, and provides the best structure going forward.

Employment & Labor

Hiring & Firing
Labor Law
Social Security
Wrongful Termination

Thai labor law has various chapters to protect employees from unfair performance or employment contracts of employers. It is the full-time employee and the employee working under a probation period. Thailand deems the terms and conditions under the Act as the law related to people's public order or good morals.

In this article, we will be discussing the following Labor and Employment contract related topics:

  • Employment Agreement
  • Termination of Employment
  • Compensation and Severance Pay in Thailand
  • Thai Company Regulations under the Labor Protection Act
  • Employment Privilege and Benefits

Media, Technology and Telecoms

Cyber Law, Data Privacy and Data Protection

Othello dedicated Data Privacy and Protection team is ready to assist you on the following matters:

  • Data Privacy Regulations and Policies
  • Data Analysis/ Gap Analysis Including Data Mining
  • Compliance On Data Transfers, Data Controllers And Data Processor Agreements
  • Data Security Issues On Cloud Storage And Outsourcing Services
  • Data Security Issues On Website and Social Media
  • Internal Consents
  • Privacy Notices
  • Use of Encryption Devices of Employees
  • E-Commerce and M-Commerce businesses

Our Partners and Associates

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Danapol Pongmanee (Snooker)

Associate Lawyer

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Anawil Yodprasit

Associate Lawyer

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Sarawanee Udomsest

Associate Lawyer

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Othello International Co., Ltd Applicant Vs The Ohio State University

Intellectual Property

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