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Parada, Rivera Evardone & Salalima Attorneys-at-Law (FIRM) is a conglomeration of legal practitioners who, through years of unwavering dedication, passion and continuous legal studies, have become highly knowledgeable in their respective fields. It is through this collection of diverse skills and experience that gave rise to the Firm’s distinctive ability to be engaged in both the general and specialized practice of law. The firm prides itself in being “one-stop-shop” for all the legal needs of its domestic and foreign clients.

The Firm is ever aware and mindful of the constant evolution of law, the every-changing business environments, as well as, the strides of technological advancements that are geared towards globalization of most, if not all, businesses in the world. It is upon this premise that the Firm continuously and unrelentingly commits itself to keep itself abreast of all legal, financial and technological milestones and developments for purposes of ensuring that its clients and their interest are not only protected but equally as important, given the best legal atmosphere to maximize their business potential and/or opportunities.

Finally, in view of the Firm’s global clientele and network, it assures its clients that it can provide the legal services with a global perspective as well as an in-depth, local legal knowledge across the Asia-Pacific region.

Strategically, the Firm is located in the heart of Manila’s premier business district. Thus, it is in a unique position to coordinate and network with the appropriate government agencies as well as to immediately take advantage of their offerings which are beneficial to its clients.


Founded in 2016

20 people in their team

Practice areas
Criminal Defense
Employment & Labor
Lawsuits & Disputes
Real Estate

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Practice areas

Criminal Defense

One of the most strenuous, arduous, and exacting fields of the law, Criminal Litigation has been the pillar and highlight of the Firm’s services. With almost a decade of grueling but triumphant litigation experience, the Firm takes great pride in its extensive practice representing clients in high profile cases across the country before both trial and appellate courts.  

The Firm’s expertise in criminal litigation embraces both criminal defense and prosecutorial services. In defending the liberty of its clients, the Firm remains resolute to its commitment to protect and uphold their rights irrespective of the allegations and accusations thrust upon them. To this end, the Firm endeavors to provide its clients with the best possible defense that is sanctioned by law.

Correlatively, the adept knowledge of the Firm in criminal defense gives it a unique advantage in criminal prosecution as it utilizes such knowledge to ensure that all complaints that are filed are not only substantively firm but are likewise procedurally sound. In addition, the ability of the Firm to extract the truth during direct and cross-examinations allows it to ensure that the injuries inflicted upon its clients are duly remedied and that justice is finally attained. 

The Firm’s aforesaid versatility stems from its comprehensive and intricate knowledge of the Revised Rules on Criminal Procedure, Rules on Evidence, the Revised Penal Code, the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act, Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, Human Security Act, the Bouncing Checks Law, Cybercrime Prevention Act, and other special penal statutes. 

The Firm’s services include:

  1. Consultative and analytical services;
  2. Mediation and preparation of compromise agreements;
  3. Case build up and collation of evidence;
  4. Preparation and execution of affidavits, motions, and other pleadings;
  5. Representation during preliminary investigations and all stages of trial;
  6. Application and posting of bail; 
  7. Availment of interlocutory and post-judgment remedies; and
  8. Other ad hoc services.
Criminal Litigation
Bail Bond Service
Arrests & Searches

Employment & Labor

Labor laws are continually evolving. As the workplace changes rapidly than the laws that govern them, lawyers are eventually bound to innovate how they perceive and view the interaction of the workers vis-a-vis the management, both in the present and the future conditions.

At the Firm, we offer hands-on, workplace compliance, and risk prevention strategies that allow our clients to respond to the needs of their businesses ranging from startups to multinational companies. Alongside this, our lawyers equally possess the expertise, commitment, and experience requires to represent workers in a broad spectrum of labor issues.

Bringing the strategic component to our workplace counseling services, the Firm is positioned to provide superior legal services to its clients.

The Firm’s services include:

  1. Personnel policies, procedures, and manual drafting;
  2. Employment contract drafting;
  3. Employe evaluation, discipline, and dismissal;
  4. Labor regulatory compliance;
  5. Collective bargaining negotiation;
  6. Employment and labor counseling;
  7. Social welfare benefits issue;
  8. Illegal termination;
  9. Court representation and litigation;
Employment Rights
Labor Law
Wrongful Termination
Hiring & Firing

Lawsuits & Disputes

The vast experience of the Firm in corporate law and compliance gravitates upon its proficiency in designing, implementing, and monitoring practices, programs, procedures, and policies to several prominent organizations in the Philippines and worldwide.

The Firm’s ability to provide its clientele with expert solutions is, in turn, anchored upon its intimate understanding of the business of its clients as well as their short-term and long-term goals. It is upon such intricate familiarity with the best practices employed by the said prominent organizations together with its intimate understanding of the business of each of its clients that the Firm is able to not only identify and foresee potential challenges that its clients may face but likewise provide them with tailor-fitted solutions that would address the same without however sacrificing the vision of its clients.

The Firm recognizes that such solutions and expert advice are never permanent by nature. Rather, such guidance must be versatile enough to allow its client’s adequate room to adapt to the ever-changing corporate climate in the Philippines. To this end, with its sophisticated understanding of the regulatory requirements of the law, the Firm endeavors to partner with its clients to ensure that they are constantly afforded the optimum legal environment for their respective businesses to flourish.

The Firm’s services include:

  1. Assistance in drafting and preparing the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and such other legal documentation required in registering a corporation and/or partnership in the Philippines;
  2. Assistance in securing the primary registration of a company with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and/or Department of Trade and Industries (“DTI”);
  3. Assistance in securing permits and/or licenses from both the local government unit involved as well as the appropriate government agencies (BIR. PAGIBIG, SSS, BSP, PAGCOR and the like);
  4. Identification and preparation of Corporate policies and programs that are either legally required or is simply beneficial to its clients;
  5. Guidance on the rules governing the transfer, assignment and conveyance of shares of stocks in both privately and publicly listed corporations;
  6. Assistance in amending and/or revising the Article of Incorporations, Bylaws and other corporate documentation;
  7. Provisions for corporate secretary and other board-related s
  8. Identification and assistance in securing opportunities afforded by the Board of Investments;
  9.  Registration and relocation to special economic zones in the Philippines;
  10. Corporate governance and compliance with reportorial requirements of the appropriate government entities;
  11. Procurement of Alien Employment Permits (AEP), Visas and other licenses for foreign nationals willing to invest and expand  their business in the Philippines;
  12. Mergers and acquisitions;
  13.  Contract review and negotiations; and
  14. Banking and finance related endeavors.

Real Estate

One of the most crucial decisions of business is real estate investment and management. With every property acquisition or disposal, real estate and asset protection law applies. With this in mind, our Firm takes Real Estate and Asset Protection Law as one of its most potent field of practice. In line with its commitment to deliver high-quality legal service, in the most cost-efficient way, PRES Law takes its pride in providing a service with in-depth analysis designed to craft a legal formula that is tailored fit to the client’s needs and expectations in property investments and asset protection.

Landlord & Tenant
Land Use & Zoning
Commercial Real Estate
Housing, Construction & Development

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