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Construction Accident

What is a Construction Accident?

Also known as construction site accidents, construction accidents can be defined as injuries and/or damages occurring out of construction endeavors in specific construction sites. Although this accident often happens to employees or workers working on a construction site, in various cases it can also happen to a passerby or a person that is not involved in the construction project entirely. Ranging from minor to severe and even often fatal cases, injuries sustained from construction accidents can include amputations, blindness, deafness, broken bones, burns, coma, concussion,  paralysis, brain injury, and can result from a wide range of factors ranging from a negligence of co-workers/employees to inadequate safety or equipment training.

Individuals suffering from construction accidents and subsequent financial and emotional burdens can attempt to pursue legal compensations from entities that can go beyond an employer or a site owner depending on the factors leading up to the injury. If the factors include issues relating to other parties, such as defective tools or equipment, for example, the victim may be able to file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer, among other possible claims. 

How Can Construction Accident Lawyers Help Individuals?

Lawyers specializing in construction accident lawsuits can assist, advise, and represent victims injured in construction accidents of any type. Depending on each person’s circumstances, you may need a lawyer to help pursue a compensation claim that can start as initially as from identifying a defendant to ultimately filing a lawsuit and representing your case in a trial. Firstly gathering related records including medical records, medical bills, and insurance policy information, along with other evidence, your assigned legal team will usually attempt to comprehend the nature and extent of your injury as much as possible first to measure the type and extent of your compensation and then proceed to negotiate with the defense to help you achieve the compensation, outside the courtroom. If somehow the initial negotiation fails, the legal team will usually help you pursue your claim further through civil litigation.

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