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Property Damage

Every day, hundreds of individuals are exposed to potential property damage. Whether it be weather damage, construction defects, negligence, faulty repairs, or insurance denials , a situation is classified as property damage when it involves a person's broken or destroyed property. 

When you file a property damage claim, therefore, it is important to note, you seek compensation for harm towards your property, not towards your body (if there is any physical injury, apart from property damage). Physical injuries are subjected to Personal Injury legal area while any damages to your property are subjected to Property Damage.

Property Damage Lawyers

If your property has been damaged for any reasons and you think you have a claim or you are struggling to file your claim, it is important you know that legal help is available.  

Seek legal advice as soon as possible as strict time limits apply in many property damage cases.  Delaying your claim could mean that you miss out on compensation or damages that you are entitled to receive. 

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