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FRANK Legal & Tax

FRANK Legal & Tax


Founded in 2012
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FRANK Legal & Tax was established in 2012 by Fabian Doppler, a German attorney. Fabian previously practice...

C.P. Sapthawee Company Limited

C.P. Sapthawee Company Limited


Founded in 30
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Services visa and work permit and Immigration law family law criminal & civil law 




Founded in 6
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A. W. Law LLC is a full service law firm with a strict focus on providing best quality advice and finding the...

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Criminal Law


Referring to the body of law that governs crimes, criminal law is often most easily understood as opposite or distinguished from civil law or a system of non-criminal law. That being said, while civil law primarily aims to settle disputes between private citizens, criminal law aims rather to investigate and punish perceived as threatening, harmful, or endangering to property, health, safety, and welfare of citizens. A criminal case is, therefore, considered an act against a city, state or country, and a plaintiff in a criminal case is accordingly regarded as a state or specifically in a criminal trial a prosecutor who acts on behalf of a victim.  


How Can Criminal Lawyers Help Individuals?


Qualified lawyers specializing in criminal law can help individuals of any criminal parties in a variety of circumstances that can range from mere misdemeanors to felonies as follows:

Criminal Defense

Aiming to guarantee that a defendant can only be received as much punishment as deserved, a criminal defense lawyer engages in a defense of individuals or companies charged with criminal acts. 


Referring to an offense against a driver whose act of driving perceived to endanger themselves and others because of some unlawful influences, DUI & DWI are acronyms for “driving under the influence” and “driving while intoxicated” respectively.

 Drunk Driving

Sometimes called drinking and driving, drunk driving can lead a driver to face substantial penalties ranging from fines to driving license suspension.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to any type of violent action or abuse in a domestic surrounding such as in marriage or cohabitation.

Drug Crime

Referring to a crime to possess, manufacture, or distribute drugs classified as potentially for abuse, drug crime can occur in multiple ways such as drug trafficking, drug production, etc.

Federal & White-Collar Crimes

Federal and white-collar crimes can refer to a wide range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.

Sex Crime

Broadly referring to an offense against an individual who causes another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by force or by threat, sex crime is sometimes known as sexual offense, sexual abuse, and sexual assault.

Traffic Ticket

Referring to a notice issued by an official to a driver of any vehicle type, traffic tickets can lead to substantial penalties ranging from fines to driver’s license, among others.

Bail Bond Services

Lawyers specializing in bail bonds can help defendants be granted a bail bond or a temporary release on bail from jail.

Criminal Litigation

Referred to as a trial in criminal court, criminal litigation is litigation brought by a state against an individual.

Arrests and Searches

Individuals stopped by police or subjected to a search can require legal assistance from a qualified lawyer.

Juvenile Laws

Referred to as the body of law governing actions and well-being of persons considered juvenile, juvenile laws consist of distinct protocols differing from those applied to adult defendants.

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