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As a sector that directly impacts millions of lives, insurance can certainly raise tough issues for both insurers and policyholders, particularly in legal areas pertaining to regulation of insurance business or content of insurance policies, and so forth.

Like any other sector, legal matters arising from the insurance sector can cover a wide range of areas and manners ranging from small, non-contentious cases,  such as drafting policy, reviewing policy, to large and contentious ones, such as pursuing a subrogated claim. 

How Insurance Lawyers Can Help Individuals?

Lawyers specializing in insurance laws can assist, advise, and represent both insurers and policyholders in any insurance-related legal matters. 

Some of the most common insurance-related issues include:

1.- Bad Faith Insurance

Referring to blatantly unfair conducts beyond mere negligence by an insurance company, bad faith insurance can occur in a wide range of tactic forms and can apply to any type of insurance policy, such as homeowners' insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance, and any type of contract. 

Individuals suffering from bad faith damages, also known as extracontractual damages, and desiring to pursue claims are recommended to contact insurance lawyers prior to taking any action. Under the guidance of lawyers, individuals will often be able to more thoroughly assess their situations and properly take legal actions. 

2.- Insurance Defense

Broadly referring to legal representation in cases relating to insurance, insurance defense can be requested by insurers to either defend themselves from any claims made against them or to defend their insured clients or policyholders facing claims such as compensation.

Upon facing any insurance-related legal issues, insured clients or policyholders are recommended to contact their own insurers as soon as possible, and insurers are certainly expected to contact insurance lawyers in a timely manner for legal advice and legal representation prior to taking any actions.

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