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Consumer Rights


By law and custom, as a consumer, once you purchase goods and/or services from a business, you agree to their terms of service and conditions, and in turn, in a manner of selling any goods or services, a business is entitled to ensure that its goods and/or services are fit for purpose and of quality

Given such a legally binding agreement or a mutual entitlement, one there is a discrepancy between what a business promises and what it renders, a consumer who is affected by such a discrepancy is granted his/her right as a consumer to pursue investigation and legislation. The thing, however, is that because a business is also granted its right to argue that a consumer must agree or, indeed, already agreed by way of purchase to its terms and conditions, among other reasons, as mentioned above, to what extent a consumer can exercise his/her consumer rights is also, therefore, up for investigation. An ultimate way-out of this entanglement is therefore only through the legal guidance of a qualified lawyer trained and experienced in consumer rights. From that point of initial suspicion to a full investigation and strong legal case, only consumer rights lawyers can help consumers set up a genuine path to peace and compensation.

 What Are the Types of Consumer Rights that I Can Claim for?


Issues pertaining to consumer rights can occur in a wide range of forms, but in general, a consumer can proceed to exercise his/her consumer rights in specific manners as follows:

 1. Auto Dealer Fraud

Broadly referring to deceptive and unlawful practices adopted by automobile dealers, auto dealer fraud can occur at any stage of the vehicle purchase process, from advertising to negotiation of vehicle pricing and financing terms.

 2. Consumer Protection

Broadly referring to the practice of protecting buyers or consumers of goods and services against any unfair practices from sellers or producers, consumer protection can occur in a wide range of forms.

 3. Legal Malpractice

Similar to medical malpractice, legal malpractice refers to a situation when a legal professional or a lawyer produces negligence, a breach of fiduciary duty, or a breach of contract during a provision of legal services that causes harm to a client.

 4. Lemon Law

Aiming to protect consumers from defective products, particularly cars, Lemon Law grants buyers their rights to demand legal compensations for product defects from manufacturers or related parties.

 5. Professional Malpractice

Applying to a broader range of professions, professional malpractice refers to an instance of negligence or breach produced by a member of a profession that causes harm to his/her client or a plaintiff.

 6. Civil Litigation

Opposite to criminal litigation, civil litigation is a non-criminal legal process for a legal case that aims primarily for compensation or other damages from a defendant.

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