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Civil & Human Rights Lawyers

Although it is expected that all fundamental rights are equally secured and guaranteed to people regardless of their races, genders, nations, religions, and/or any type of factors, sometimes for some people it is just simply, as unfortunate as it may sound, impossible. Somehow one seems to always have a good reason to treat others badly or unjustly in a variety of ways such as verbal discrimination, physical abuse, psychological abuse, maltreatment, etc.

For such unfortunate reasons, there comes the importance of lawyers specializing in civil and human rights law and capable of helping victims retain their rights and dignities whether to be by forms of compensation, apologies, admissions of wrongdoing,  policy changes, etc.

Defendants of civil and human rights cases can include police forces, prisons, medical professionals, immigration officials, employers, colleagues or any individual whose actions affect or violate the other person’s fundamental rights as a human being or a civilian. These rights can range from basic freedoms such as freedom of speech, due process, equal protection to professional matters such as gender equality, race equality, and so forth.

When Should One Contact a Civil/Human Rights Lawyer?

Most victims of human rights violation often keep the issues and resentments to themselves, thinking that their sufferings might not be enough to be qualified as  a breach of human rights, but it is important to note that regardless of scenarios, if at some point you feel that you are being treated unfairly for a while or even just for a short period of time, it is highly recommended that you contact a civil/human rights lawyer as soon as possible, as under law cases are required to start at court within specific time scales and prolongation can result in a higher claim rejection rate and a lawyer will usually require some time to fully investigate a claim, collect evidence, and properly prepare a case

However, even if you think you run out of time, it is still recommended that you contact any lawyer available since with proper investigation you might find that your claim still stands a chance, or even if there is no chance at all, a lawyer will still be able to advise you on other potential options. Some of the most common claims for violation of civil/human rights can include areas such as civil rights, constitutional law, discrimination, and native peoples.

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