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Attorneys James Ruchti and Joel Beck, along with our entire team of dedicated professionals, make it our duty to bring our clients peace of mind when they are facing serious injuries, have been injured at work, or are embroiled in a dispute with their insurance company.

Working as a team, we litigate cases aggressively and professionally, ensuring that our clients get personal attention and exceptional representation.

We represent people – like you — who work hard every day to create better lives for their families and themselves. Offering free consultations, the experienced attorneys at Ruchti & Beck bring integrity, commitment and a passion for justice to clients throughout Idaho.

Founded in 2010

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Elder Law

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Practice areas

Accidents & Injuries

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Changes Your Life

The term “personal injury” describes a broad range of injuries. Although these accidents come in all shapes and sizes, they have one thing in common: a personal injury changes your life forever. If you have suffered a serious injury, you understand the physical, financial and emotional pain that accompanies an accident is something that stays with you day after day, year after year.

At Ruchti & Beck, we realize the consequences of an accident linger long after the event itself. That is why we have dedicated our practice to helping people who have been hurt.

Employment & Labor

Fighting for Workers’ Rights

If you have been injured on the job, you should seriously consider hiring experienced legal counsel to help with your workers’ compensation claim. Without a skilled workers’ compensation attorney on your case, you are much less likely to obtain the full benefits you deserve.

Too often, people spend years and even decades working for the same company, only to have an employer turn its back on them when they are hurt.


Solving Insurance Disputes

Under most circumstances, insurance is a wonderful product that provides peace of mind against unexpected disasters. When insurance companies deny or delay claims, however, this relief quickly turns to anxiety, frustration, and in some cases, financial ruin. You might spend years faithfully paying your premiums, only to be denied coverage when you need it most.

Elder Law

Nursing Home Abuse

Representing Victims of Nursing Home Neglect and Their Families

Placing a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is often an emotional, difficult decision. Many times, adult children and other family members lack the training and resources to care for the older loves ones in their lives. When families make these hard choices, they trust their relatives will receive compassionate care. When this trust is betrayed, it is common to feel a mixture of guilt, anger and outrage